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Confluent CCDAK Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of CCDAK were last updated on May 23,2022 .

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In Avro, removing or adding a field that has a default is a __ schema evolution

A. full
B. backward
C. breaking
D. forward

Clients with new schema will be able to read records saved with old schema and clients
with old schema will be able to read records saved with new schema.


If you enable an SSL endpoint in Kafka, what feature of Kafka will be lost?

A. Cross-cluster mirroring
B. Support for Avro format
C. Zero copy
D. Exactly-once delivery

With SSL, messages will need to be encrypted and decrypted, by being first loaded into the JVM, so you lose the zero copy optimization. See more information here ttps://twitter.com/ijuma/status/1161303431501324293?s=09


The Controller is a broker that is... (select two)

A. elected by Zookeeper ensemble
B. is responsible for partition leader election
C. elected by broker majority
D. is responsible for consumer group rebalances

Controller is a broker that in addition to usual broker functions is responsible for partition leader election. The election of that broker happens thanks to Zookeeper and at any time only one broker can be a controller


To enhance compression, I can increase the chances of batching by using

A. acks=all
B. linger.ms=20
C. batch.size=65536
D. max.message.size=10MB

linger.ms forces the producer to wait before sending messages, hence increasing the chance of creating batches that can be heavily compressed.


To read data from a topic, the following configuration is needed for the consumers

A. all brokers of the cluster, and the topic name
B. any broker to connect to, and the topic name
C. the list of brokers that have the data, the topic name and the partitions list
D. any broker, and the list of topic partitions

All brokers can respond to Metadata request, so a client can connect to any broker in the cluster.

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Updated:  May 23,2022

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