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Direction for use Killtest Software


Step 1: After received your order, Killtest will send the product through mail. Please download the zip file.



Step 2: if you have installed the WRAR, you can open the software in the zip file directly. If don’t, the software will be error. In this case, you need to extract the zip file:



Step 3: After you extracted the zip file successfully, you will get a folder



In this folder, you will find there are three files



Just run Killtest application to run your software. You see the following is the Homepage of Killtest software.



More, some exams are special, so Killtest requires a registration code.



If your exam is special product, please do not worry about that, just copy the serial to us, we will generate a registration code for you. More information, please see the video Killtest offers to you above.


Step 4:  Now, you can begin to learn your exam. Killtest has two modes:



In the practice mode, you can check your answers



You can see the button of show correct answers. However, in examination mode, you can’t check the answers because it is the real exam environment.


Above are the steps of using Killtest software, more problems please see the video above, or please contact Killtest live support or mail to [email protected]

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