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CloudBees CCJE Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of CCJE were last updated on Dec 06,2021 .

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Which of the following "agent" directives are not valid in Declarative Pipeline?

A. agent {dockerfile {filename * Dockerfile' }}
B. agent docker
C. agent none
D. agent { label " linux }
E. agent { docker ' centos: latest ' }


The Jenkins Install Wizard allows you to_________.

A. define the security settings of the Jenkins instance you are installing
B. define an admin user for Jenkins
C. define non-admin users for Jenkins
D. completely define the security and notification settings of the Jenkins instance you are installing
E. define executor agents


Which of the following statements are TRUI about Global Pipeline Libraries Groovy scripts? Choose 2 answers

A. They can be stored on an NFS shared folder of your infrastructure.
B. They can be stored on the Jenkins master, inside the JENKIN
C. HOME/.globallibrary folder.
D. They can be stored by the Jenkins administrators, using a custom Job manager.
E. They can be stored on a git repository hosted by the Jenkins master.
F. They can be stored on an external SVN repository.


When you want to validate that your software produces the desired behavior for end users, you need to use________.

A. non regression tests
B. acceptance tests
C. smoke tests
D. functional tests


In addition to the features of the CloudBees Folders plugin, which will CloudBees Folders PLUS allow you to do? Choose 2 answers

A. Restrict an agent to a folder.
B. Assign an administrator to a folder.
C. Enable logging for a folder.
D. Restrict which kinds of items may be created in a folder.

Exam Code: CCJE    Q & A: 90 Q&As  Updated:  Dec 06,2021

Exam Name: Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE)

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