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Huawei H12-811_V1.0 Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of H12-811_V1.0 were last updated on Jan 26,2022 .

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In the network shown in the figure below, all links are Ethernet links, and all interfaces of all routers run OSPF protocol, how many DRs are elected in the entire network?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3


As shown in the figure below, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. The broadcast address of host A and host B are the same
B. Host A can ping host B
C. Host A and Host B cannot obtain each other's MAC address
D. The following entry MAC-B exists in the ARP cache of host A


Which of the following IPv4 addresses the host uses cannot directly access the Internet?



What kind of message does the OSPF protocol use to describe its LSDB?



Which of the following descriptions of OSPF areas are correct? (Multiple choice)

A. After configuring the OSPF area correctly, you must configure an IP address for the loopback interface of the router
B. All networks should be declared in zone 0
C. The number of the backbone area cannot be 2
D. The number range of the area is from to

Exam Code: H12-811_V1.0    Q & A: 590 Q&As  Updated:  Jan 26,2022

Exam Name: HCIA-Datacom V1.0

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