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HP HPE2-W07 Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of HPE2-W07 were last updated on Jan 26,2022 .

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What is a benefit that Aruba Mobility Master (MM) and an ArubaOS architecture bring to network management?

A. MM provides a centralized licensing repository and a single interface for configuring controllers.
B. MM offers a single management interface for configuring wireless devices and onboarding user wireless devices.
C. Customers can obtain a flexible, cloud-based option for managing their controllers centrally.
D. Admins can manage ArubaOS switches and ArubaOS controllers from the same management interface.


You are beginning a conversation about Aruba ESP with a customer. You ask about the size of the IT team and the tasks on which the team spends its time.
What goal should you be trying to achieve with this question?

A. Explaining to the customer why the company needs to expand its IT team to stay competitive
B. Revealing that the IT team lacks expertise and presents a good opportunity for you to upsell Aruba Training Solutions
C. Determining whether the customer has a large enough IT team to be able to succeed with a complex enterprise solution like ESP
D. Discussing with the customer how IT could achieve more rf resources were freed up by Aruba Central


What is one reason that Aruba AlOps is more powerful than many competing solutions?

A. Aruba understands that AlOps must be based on low-level tools like packet captures and CLI scripting and monitoring.
B. Aruba has extensive data stores on which to draw, based on tens of thousands of customers over multiple years.
C. Aruba AlOps solution runs on a battery-powered appliance for better resiliency and to ensure that the Al has enough compute power and memory.
D. Aruba uses third-party partnerships for the AlOps platform, enabling customers to choose their preferred solution.


You are pursuing an opportunity to sell an Aruba location-based service solution to a customer. The customer is also considering a Cisco location-based solution.
What should you explain to distinguish the Aruba solution?

A. Aruba beacons fully pair with users’ devices for a more complete and effective solution while Cisco beacons do not establish a full pair.
B. Aruba delivers an already complete mobile application tailored to the customer vertical while Cisco forces customers to create their own applications.
C. Aruba offers PoE for beacons to make them easier to install and manage while Cisco beacons only support external power supplies.
D. The Aruba solution can use cost-effective and easy-to-deploy battery-powered beacons or leverage beacons built into existing Aruba Aps while Cisco forces customers to rip and replace existing Aps for location services support.


Which correctly describes trends in SMB spending on IT?

A. Very few SMBs consider security when making IT budgetary decisions; they tend to focus on performance to the exclusion of all else.
B. SMB IT spending tends to take longer to recover after a downturn when compared to overall IT spending.
C. A majority of SMBs are planning to delay upgrades and instead allocate their budget to improving management.
D. Despite economic downturns, a majority of SMBs are planning to replace IT infrastructure.

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