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HP HPE6-A81 Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of HPE6-A81 were last updated on May 26,2022 .

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A customer has deployed an OnGuard Solution to all the corporate devices using a group policy result to push the OnGuard Agtnts. The network administrator is complaining that soma of the agents are communicating to the ClearPass server that is located in a DMZ. outside the firewall The network administrator wants all of the agents System Health Validation traffic to stay inside the Management subnets.
What can the ClearPass administrator do to move the traffic only to the ClearPass Management Ports?

A. Select the correct OnGuard Agent installer, and use the one configured for Management Port for the clients.
B. Filter TCP port 6658 on the firewall, forcing the OnGuard agent to use the ClearPass Management port.
C. Configure a Policy Manager Zone mapping so the OnGuard agent will use the Management Port I
D. Edit the agent.conf file being deployed to the clients to use the ClearPass Management Port for SHV updates


Refer to the exhibit.

The customer complains that the user shown cannot log into the ClearPess Server at an administrator using the [Policy Manager Admin Network Login Service] .
What could be the reason for this?

A. The mapping on the role should be changed to [RADIUS Super Admin]
B. The user might be used for a TACACS authentication.
C. The account created does not fit this purpose.
D. The local user authentication might be disabled.


Your customer has recently implemented a seIf-registration portal in ClearPass Guest to be used on a Guest SSID broadcast from an Aruba controller Your customer has started complaining that the users are not able to reliably access the Internet after clicking the login button on the receipt page They tell you that the users will click the login button multiple times and after about a minute they gam access.
What could be causing this issue?

A. The enforcement profile on ClearPass is set up with an IETF:session delay.
B. The self-registration page is configured with a 1 minute login delay.
C. The guest users are assigned a firewall user role that has a rate limit.
D. The guest users are assigned multiple DNS servers delaying DNS response.


Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has incomplete information for endpoints in the Endpoint Repository. In order to make accurate decisions about what types of devices are connecting to the network. ClearPass is enabled to process the device information from IF-MAP interface, but no updates are received .
What can the customer do to update those endpoints using IF-MAP?

A. Configure ClearPass Management IP in the DHCP Helper address
B. Configure IF-MAP on all networking devices to send additional information to ClearPass
C. Configure IF-MAP only on Aruba Mobility Controller, providing ClearPass username and password
D. Configure the authentication service to Audit the endpoints using, the embedded Nmap Server


Which statement is true about Radius IETF attributes Called-Stat ion-Id and Calling-Station-ld?

A. Called-Station-ld contains the mac address of the supplicant while Calling-Station-ld contains the mac address of the authenticator.
B. Called-Station-Id contains the mac address of the supplicant and SSID name while Calling-Station-Id contains the mac address of the authenticator.
C. Called-Station-ld contains the mac address of the authenticator while Calling-Station-Id contains the mac address of the supplicant.
D. Called-Station-ld contains the mac address of the authenticator while Calling-Station-ld contains the mac address of the supplicant and SSID name.

Exam Code: HPE6-A81
Q & A: 60 Q&As
Updated:  May 26,2022

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