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Scrum PSM I Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of PSM I were last updated on May 23,2022 .

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At the end of a Sprint Product Backlog item worked on during the Sprint does not meet the definition of “Done”.
What two things should happen with the undone Product Backlog item? (Choose two.)

A. If the stakeholders agree, the Product Owner can accept it and release it to the users.
B. Put it on the Product Backlog for the Product Owner to decide what to do with it.
C. Review the item, add the “Done” part of the estimate to the velocity and create a Story for the remaining work.
D. Do not include the item in the Increment this Sprint.


Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?

A. It is used to congratulate the Development Team if it did what it forecast, or to punish the Development Team if it failed to meet its forecast.
B. It is a demo at the end of the Sprint for everyone in the organization to check on the work done.
C. It is a mechanism to control the Development Team’s activities during a Sprint.
D. It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of a Sprint and figure out what to do next.


When might a Sprint be abnormally cancelled?

A. When the Development Team feels that the work is too hard.
B. When the Sprint Goal becomes obsolete.
C. When the sales department has an important new opportunity.
D. When it becomes clear that not everything will be finished by the end of the Sprint.


Who determines how work is performed during the Sprint?

A. Architects.
B. The Development Team.
C. The Scrum Master.
D. Subject matter experts.
E. Development Team managers.


An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used.
What will likely happen if this is done? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Without a new vocabulary as a reminder of the change, very little change may actually happen.
B. The organization may not understand what has changed within Scrum and the benefits of Scrum may be lost.
C. Management may feel less anxious.
D. All answers apply.

Exam Code: PSM I
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Updated:  May 23,2022

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