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HashiCorp TA-002-P Online Practice Exam Questions

The questions of TA-002-P were last updated on Jan 26,2022 .

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Terraform provisioners can be added to any resource block.

A. True
B. False


Terraform can run on Windows or Linux, but it requires a Server version of the Windows operating system.

A. True
B. False



You need to deploy resources into two different cloud regions in the same Terraform configuration.
To do that, you declare multiple provider configurations as follows:

What meta-argument do you need to configure in a resource block to deploy the resource to the “us-west-2” AWS region?

A. alias = west
B. provider = west
C. provider = aws.west
D. alias = aws.west


You have declared a variable called var.list which is a list of objects that all have an attribute id.
Which options will produce a list of the IDs? (Choose two.)

A. { for o in var.list : o => }
B. var.list[*].id
C. [ var.list[*].id ]
D. [ for o in var.list : ]


Which of the following is not a key principle of infrastructure as code?

A. Versioned infrastructure
B. Golden images
C. Idempotence
D. Self-describing infrastructure

Reference:,of%20the%20environment's%20 starting%20state.

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