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C1000-087 Practice Exam Q&A: 60 Updated: January 15,2021
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2021 Latest IBM C1000-087 Test Questions - IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 Exam

January 05,2021

IBM C1000-087 practice exam has been proved by the successful candidates that all the C1000-087 exam questions and answers are great and valid. The latest reviews shown that candidates have passed their IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 exam with the great and latest C1000-087 test questions. Killtest C1000-087 practice exam questions are written by IT experts, who collected 60 practice exam questins with accurate answers for your preparation. You will surely get fully ready to take your C1000-087 exam if you prepare all the C1000-087 questions and answers in the C1000-087 PDF and C1000-087 test engine. We ensure that you can pass C1000-087 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 certification exam at the first attempt with Killtest latest IBM C1000-087 test questions.


Latest C1000-087 Test Questions


IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Applications V4.1 (C1000-087)


C1000-087 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 certification exam is the requirement of IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Applications V4.1 certification. Pass IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Applications V4.1 certification to be a certified can design, plan and create an architecture with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation or relevant subject matter experts.


Actual C1000-087 exam contains 60 practice exam questions, which requires you to complete in 90 minites. Successful candidates need to answer 43 or more correctly to make sure you can pass C1000-087 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 exam and achieve IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Applications V4.1 certification. 


More, before taking IBM C1000-087 exam, you need to learn all C1000-087 exam objectives as listed:


Section 1: Design and architect a Cloud Native solution 13%

● Understand the main elements of a cloud native solution

● Design a Microservices architecture

● Explain Containers and Container Orchestration

● Understand the Cloud Native reference architecture 


Section 2: OpenShift Container Platform Architecture 17%

● Understand the OpenShift Container Platform Architecture

● Understand HA,DR, Backup and Storage


Section 3: Cloud Pak for Applications Overview 20%

● Understand the Cloud Pak for Applications value proposition

● Explain IBM Cloud Pak for Applications components

● Understand entitlements and subscriptions

● Articulate Cloud Pak integration scenarios 


Section 4: Architecting for new applications  12%

● Design serverless applications 

● Build Mobile application

● Understand the capabilities of runtimes 


Section 5: Architecting new applications with Accelerators for Teams 17%

● Describe the business value and outcomes from cloud-native governance and Accelerators for Teams

● Understand the reference architecture for Accelerator for Teams via Operators that manage the lifecycles and governance of the components

● Demonstrate knowledge of how to approach building and customizing application stacks

● Demonstrate knowledge of the available developer tools 

● Understand how to customize the integrated DevOps Toolchain


Section 6: Modernize applications 12%

● Understand the Application Modernization Journey 

● Understand the use case of running existing applications

● Understand the application modernization tools


Section 7: Architect Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and the DevOps lifecycle 9%

Extending deployment automation, governance, pipeline & release orchestration with IBM Cloud DevOps

● Understand the value of integrating IBM Cloud DevOps with Openshift Pipelines and other Cloud providers


Read C1000-087 Free Demo Questions To Check Killtest Latest C1000-087 Test Questions


Killtest latest C1000-087 test questions are based on the C1000-087 exam contents and exam objectives. There many sources for the preparation of IBM C1000-087 exam but Killtest is different from all of them. It offers easy to use format for the C1000-087 questions and answers that enables the student to become more efficient in solving the problems of C1000-087 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 Exam. You can come here to read C1000-087 Free Demo Questions for checking:


A top level directory listing of an application stack contains the following: stack.yaml image (directory) templates (directory)

Within the image directory are the following:

config (directory) project (directory) Dockerfile-stack

Based on the scenario above, where should a Solution Architect look to understand the build process used to create a container of the application?

A. In the image/Dockerfile-stack file

B. In the conf ig directory

C. In the stack.yaml file

D. In the image/project directory

Answer: A


Which Cloud Pak for Applications add-on enables an organization to manage and monetize digital assets in the scope of dynamic and decentralized cloud-native applications?

A. Blockchain Platform

B. Financial Transaction Manager

C. Dev Ops

D. Bitcoin Toolkit

Answer: A


Which Red Hat Runtime component is a toolkit for building reactive applications on the JVM?

A. Spring Boot

B. Eclipse Orion

C. Eclipse Vert.x

D. Thorntail

Answer: C


Why is service management an important non-functional requirement that a Solution Architect must consider when designing an Application Modernization architecture?

A. It enables organizations to monitor workloads and meet service level objectives

B. It is an essential aspect to ensure protection for your applications, data, and infrastructure

C. It supports the continuous delivery of changes to application workloads in an automated way

D. It enables self-service of development activities, ranging from the creation of projects to the deployment of new changes

Answer: B


To change the default deployment options created by Transformation Advisor, which file in the migration bundle needs to be modified?

A. application-crd.yaml

B. pom.xml

C. server.xml

D. Dockerfile

Answer: C


What are the access modes for the persistent volume (PV)?

A. ReadWriteOnce, ReadOnlyMany, ReadWriteMany

B. ReadWriteOnce, WriteOnlyMany, ReadWriteMany

C. ReadOnlyMany, WriteOnlyMany, ReadWriteOnce

D. ReadWriteOnce, ReadOnlyMany, WriteOnlyMany

Answer: A


How do Accelerators for Teams application stacks help development teams start quickly on container-based cloud native application development?

A. It provides Developers with any open source pipeline

B. It allows Developers to focus on application code

C. It allows Developers to customize infrastructure templates

D. It provides Developers Dockerfile lint tooling in the application template

Answer: B


What integrated WebSphere Application Server (WAS) administrator console tool is included in Cloud Pak for Applications that enables analysis of application and provides a report of issues, warnings, and best practices for moving them to WebSphere Liberty?

A. Binary Scanner

B. Liberty Readiness Analysis

C. Transformation Advisor

D. WAS Migration Toolkit

Answer: C


In OpenShift Pipelines, what is a task?

A. A custom resource that defines one or more sequential steps

B. A specific container run to perform an operation

C. A step performed by an operator to set up a pipeline

D. The resource created when a webhook is received

Answer: A


What does a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) represent in OpenShift?

A. The number of CPU processing units that can be allocated to an application pod

B. The amount of memory that can be allocated to a node, so the Developer can state how much memory is required for an application to run

C. A storage area that has been requested by a pod to store data

D. A storage area that a pod can use to store data and is only provisioned by the Application Developer

Answer: D


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