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5V0-22.21 VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 Practice Questions

Dec 17,2021

5V0-22.21 exam is one related test for VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 certification, which validates your understanding of vSphere and vSAN concepts and requirements. It also demonstrates proper vSAN design principles and best practices knowledge as well as working knowledge of storage, security and networking concepts and storage data services. Killtest released the latest VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 5V0-22.21 practice questions, which can make sure you pass the VMware vSAN Specialist test easily. 


5v0-22.21 VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 Practice Questions


VMware Certification 5V0-22.21 Exam

VMware vSAN Specialist 5V0-22.21 exam tests candidate skills and abilities designing, implementing, and administering a VMware vSAN environment.
Number of questions: 76
Duration: 130 minutes
Passing Score: 300
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
Price: $250
Language: English

VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 5V0-22.21 Exam Objectives

VMware certification 5V0-22.21 exam objectives cover the following details. 
5V0-22.21 exam objectives
The new released VMware Specialist-vSAN 2021 5V0-22.21 practice questions are the best guides for you to test all the above objectives. Share some VMware certification 5V0-22.21 exam demo questions and answers below. 
A vSAN administrator is troubleshooting poor performance of vSAN cluster while vCenter is not available. The vSAN administrator decides to use a command line tool to monitor real-time vSAN IOPS, throughput, and other metrics on ESXi host. Which command line tool should be used?
A. esxcfg
B. vimtop
C. esxcli
D. vsantop
Answer: D

A vSAN administrator has three available racks and six vSAN hosts and needs to protect against a rack failure while maximizing resources. Which two strategies should the vSAN administrator use to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)
A. vSAN stretched cluster
D. 2-node configuration
E. Specify fault domains
Answer: B,E

What is the purpose of host rebuild reserve in vSAN?
A. Reserves space in case of single host failure
B. Reconfigures data components
C. Stores vSphere HA heartbeats
D. Allocated capacity for vCLS
Answer: A

Which Storage Policy Structure Rule is supported by vSAN Direct Datastore?
A. Enable rules for vSAN storage
B. Enable tag/capacity-based placement rules
C. Enable host-based rules
D. Enable storage performance-based rules
Answer: A

A vSAN administrator has a vSAN cluster that is using vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) to manage hypervisor, server drivers, and firmware. All hosts in the cluster are compliant according to the vLCM image. A 10GB NIC on the servers is experiencing issues, the vSAN administrator determines a new network driver will resolve the problem. Unfortunately, the required NIC driver is a newer version compared to the driver provided by the most recent Vendor Addon. Which action should the vSAN administrator take to ensure the latest network driver is installed on the NIC before remediation?
A. Add an individual component to the vLCM image that has the updated NIC driver.
B. Since server vendors release periodic server Vendor Addon updates, make sure the vLCM image is configured to use the most recent version of the vendor addon.
C. Remove the Vendor Addon from the vLCM image, and then manually install the network driver on the servers.
D. Modify the vLCM image to omit the NIC Driver, and then manually update the servers with the required NIC driver.
Answer: A

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