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ACA-Operator Study Guides for ACA System Operator Certification

Aug 03,2021

ACA-Operator exam is a related test for Alicloud ACA System Operator certification, which is intended for individuals who have technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on Alibaba Cloud. ACA-Operator exam is for systems administrators in a systems operations role with at least one year of experience in deployment, management, and operations on Alibaba Cloud. Killtest new released ACA System Operator Certification ACA-Operator study guides can benefit you more. 


ACA-Operator Study Guides for ACA System Operator Certification


Alicloud ACA-Operator Exam

Alicloud ACA-Operator exam information is available below. 
There are 50 questions in real ACA System Operator Certification ACA-Operator exam, and you have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of Alicloud ACA-Operator exam is 60 (out of 100).

ACA-Operator questions type

ACA System Operator ACA-Operator Exam Content and Ratios

List ACA System Operator ACA-Operator exam content and ratios in the following table. 

ACA-Operator exam content

Killtest new ACA-Operator study guides contain 62 Q&As, which can help you test the above exam contents. Share some ACA System Operator Certification ACA-Operator exam demo questions below. 
When you use SQL statements to access tables in a database without an index configured, a full table scan will be performed. If a table contains a large amount of data, this kind of scan will access a large amount of data and consume a lot of the database's resources. Which of the following options are best practices when creating database indexes? (Number of correct answers: 3)
A. A table should not contaiiAiore than 6 indexed fields.
B. Add an index to a field that is frequently queried but does not frequently perform add, delete, or modify operations.
C. Adhere to the rightmost prefix principle when using composite indexes
D. Applies indices to fields to contain many records.
E. Apply indexing to fields of fixed length (preferably not long fields).
Answer: A,B,E

Which of the following engines is NOT supported by PolarDB?
A. Oracle
B. MongoDB
D. PostgreSQL
Answer: B

Which of the following database connection methods does ApsaraDB for Redis support? (Number of correct answers: 2)
A. Sentinel
B. DMS (Data Management Service)
C. Aliyun-cli
D. Redis-cli
Answer: B,D

A developer needs to use some sensitive business data and operational data in the process of developing a program, but the data should be protected (encrypted or anonymized) as much as possible. In order to facilitate and secure management of data encryption keys, the developer can use Alibaba Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) envelope encryption technology. Which of these statements is NOT correct, regarding KMS?
A. Developers can generate a plaintext data key and a ciphertext data key by calling the GenerateDataKey interface.
B. Envelope encryption is an encryption mechanism similar to digital envelope technology. The technology allows you to store, transfer and use encrypted data by encapsulating their Data Keys (DKs) in an envelope, instead of \y encrypting/decrypting data directly with Customer Master Keys (CMKs).
C. The master key generated by KMS is also kept by the user.
D. The user uses the master key created on KMS to encrypt and decrypt the generated data key.
Answer: A,B,D

Cloud Config tracks configuration changes of your resources and evaluates configuration compliance.
A. False
B. True
Answer: B

0 belongs to any of them

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