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AD0-E406 Practice Exam Q&A: 68 Updated: December 06,2021
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AD0-E406 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert Actual Questions

November 19,2021

Adobe AD0-E406 exam is a related test for Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert Certification, which demonstrates to the marketplace that you're able to perform a job role using Adobe's leading solutions. Adobe Target AD0-E406 exam is for the individuals who can create and manage the activities delivered with the Target tool and recommend the best ways to use the tool to solve a given problem or problems. Killtest new released Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert AD0-E406 actual questions are the best material for you to study the test. 


AD0-E406 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert Actual Questions


Adobe AD0-E406 Exam Information

Available languages: English
Number of questions: 68
Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
Duration: 136 minutes
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing mark: 46/68
Price: $225 USD / $150 USD (India only)

Adobe Certification AD0-E406 Exam Objectives

List AD0-E406 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert exam objectives below. 
Section 1: Planning and strategy (31%)
Section 2: Configuring, Executing and Managing (42%)
Section 3: Analyzing and Reporting (17%)
Section 4: Troubleshooting (10%)

The new released Adobe certification AD0-E406 exam actual questions can help you study the above Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert objectives. Share some Adobe AD0-E406 exam actual questions and answers below. 

What does Adobe Target optimize towards when running an Automated Personalization activity?
A. One single metric
B. The model will determine which goal to optimize
C. Revenue per visitor
Answer: B

After adding styling properties to a headline element using the CSS Editor and saving an experience, the Adobe Target Business Practitioner was asked to edit the styling changes and only keep a modification that was made to change the color. How can this task be done in the Visual Experience Composer?
A. Edit the CSS style sheet of the site to add a new class for the headline.
B. Navigate to the Modifications panel and delete the unrequired Actions.
C. Select the headline. Edit > Text/HTML and change the text color.
Answer: A

When running a test the marketing manager sees that the test has reached a confidence level of 87% and has a 4.2% lift Excited for the success. The manager wants to stop the test accept the results, and move on to a new test. What advice should be given to the manage! about ending the test at this point?
A. Let the test run because there is sufficient evidence that there is a difference in conversion
B. Let the test run because there is weak evidence that there is a difference rates.
C. Stop the test because there is a strong evidence that there is a difference m conversion
Answer: A

The UX team has proposed testing a format change across all product overview pages. Which Visual Experience Composer feature enables applying the format change across all of these pages?
A. Template Rules
B. Experience Versions
C. Enhanced Composer
Answer: A

A test will run for 40 days with a significance level of 95% and a minimum detectable lift of 2.5%. Which adjustment should be recommended to reduce the test duration?
A. Increase the minimum detectable lift
B. Increase the number of Offers.
C. Increase the confidence level.
Answer: A

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