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Slack Certified Admin Practice Exam Q&A: 60 Updated: July 25,2021
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Actual Slack Certified Admin Questions and Answers | Killtest

July 16,2021

To take Slack Certified Admin exam, you need to have at least six to twelve months of real-world experience as a Slack admin as well as experience working in the admin console. To be a Slack Certified Admin, you must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, configure and manage Slack. We provide the actual Slack Certified Admin questions and answers, which can make sure you pass this Slack Certified Admin exam. With studying all of Slack Certified Admin questions and answers, you can study all the related outline. 


Actual Slack Certified Admin Questions and Answers


About Slack Certified Admin Exam

Slack Certified Admin exam information is available below. 

Exam format: Up to 60 Multiple choice questions
Time allotted: Up to 90 Minutes
Passing score: 65%
Exam Registration fee: USD $150
Exam delivery method: Online proctored
Languages: English and Japanese

Slack Certified Admin Exam Outline

List Slack Certified Admin exam outline below. 
Workshop 1: Fundamentals (13%)
Workshop 2: Workspace administration (13%)
Workshop 3: Channel and user group administration (19%)
Workshop 4: User lifecycle management (14%)
Workshop 5: App administration (14%)
Workshop 6: Security (9%)
Workshop 7: Solving for success (18%)

In the actual Slack Certified Admin questions and answers, there are 60 Q&As. To test the above Slack Certified Admin exam outline, Killtest Slack Certified Admin questions and answers are your best choice. Share some Slack Certified Admin exam demo questions and answers below. 
A company has recently implemented Slack, and many teams have started to use it instead of email. Admins want to help members be more productive in Slack without overwhelming them with too much training.Which of the below would be the most effective way to increase members’ productivity in Slack?
A. Show employees how they can request new apps to be installed in Slack.
B. Train everyone on how to create Slack integrations.
C. Allow employees to install social apps, like Giphy, that will help attract new Slack members.
D. Connect tools they are already using, like Google Calendar or Box, to Slack.
Answer: A

Jorge is starting an Employee Resource Group for volunteers at his company to collaborate from across different business units. This group requires a workspace that is visible to all members of his organization, so that they can volunteer to join and follow the group’s progress. However, the group’s leaders want the rights to approve any members before they join. Which access level should Jorge set for this workspace?
A. Open
B. Invite Only
C. By Request
D. Hidden
Answer: B

Which of the following scenarios would best justify creating a channel in your company’s existing workspace, rather than starting a direct message?
A. When you need to confirm meeting times
B. When there is a new line of business at your company
C. When a few questions need to be answered quickly
D. When you need to let your manager know you are not feeling well
Answer: C

The Customer Support team for Large Inc is now using Slack to access the tools and information they need to help customers quickly. As an Admin, what should you do to set them up for success? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Allow everyone on the Customer Support team to approve and install the apps they need.
B. Approve and install apps to integrate their support tools with Slack.
C. Streamline an incident management workflow.
D. Organize and name channels in a way that makes information, procedures, and policies easier for people to find.
Answer: CD

What are the main benefits of Workflow Builder? (Choose all that apply.)
A. It supports integration with various third-party apps for easy data transfer between services.
B. Non-developers can easily automate business processes.
C. Templates are available for download.
D. Developers and engineers can easily automate efficiencies in their development.
Answer: CD

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