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Apr 09,2020

As one beginner in cloud computing and junior engineers, it is highly recommended to get Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate certification. Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate Real Exam ACA-Cloud1 Practice Test from Killtest is online, which help you complete ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam ACA-Cloud1 exam smoothly. Killtest ACA-Cloud1 practice test contains 50 practice exam questions, the most important is, all the answers have been verified by our cloud experts. We ensure that you can pass ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam with the most real ACA-Cloud1 exam materials.


ACA-Cloud1 AliCloud Certification Exam


Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate Is The Great Certification OF Alibaba Cloud Certifications


You need to know Alibaba Cloud Certifications first. Alibaba Cloud Certifications verify your technical expertise, demonstrate your capabilities with Alibaba Cloud and become a certified Alibaba Cloud technical specialist. There are three different levels in In Alibaba Cloud certification framework.


Alibaba Cloud Certification Levels


ACA (Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate)


Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate is the foundational certification for cloud practitioner and beginner who desires to enter cloud world. Currently, there are three exams in ACA:

 ACA Cloud Computing Certification

● ACA Big Data Certification

● ACA Cloud Security Certification


ACP (Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional) 


Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional is the professional level certification for experienced cloud architects, engineers, developers and operators. The same as ACA certification, there are three exams in ACP (Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional) level:

● ACP Cloud Computing Certification

● ACP Big Data Certification

● ACP Cloud Security Certification


ACE (Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert)


Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert is the expert certification for individuals who are highly experienced in a special technical field. Actually, there are also three exams in ACE certification:

● ACE Cloud Computing Certification

● ACE Big Data Certification

● ACE Cloud Security Expert Certification


Currently, both ACE Cloud Computing Certification and ACE Big Data Certification are online, ACE Cloud Security Expert Certification will be coming soon. 


Passing ACA-Cloud1 exam is the requirement to complete the ACA Cloud Computing Certification. 


Understanding ACA Cloud Computing Certification Is Helpful To Pass ACA-Cloud1 Exam


Before writing ACA Cloud Computing Certification, you need to uderstand all the details and information of ACA-Cloud1 ACA Cloud Computing Certification exam. It is helpful for your success. Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) is a certification designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud's core products from computing, storage, networking to security. 


ACA-Cloud1 Exam Overview

As mentioned above, we highly recommend to choose the Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate Real Exam ACA-Cloud1 Practice Test from Killtest to prepare well. ACA-Cloud1 practice exam is written according to the exam objectives, including the kownledge points of computing, storage, networking to security.


ACA-Cloud1 PDF And Testing Engine Are Available To Practice ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions


Killtest offers two formats to help you practice ACA-Cloud1 ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam. One is PDF file and the other is testing engine. PDF is a printable file, which can be printed out for learning anytime and anywhere. It also can be read on your Phone, Mac and PC. Testing Engine is a software file, which simulate the real exam mode for your learning. You can choose the one you prefer. But Killtest suggests you to choose the both. 


Additionally, Killtest offers ACA-Cloud1 free demo for checking first:


Using a cloud computing service is simple and straightforward. One can choose the instance with desired specification, finish payment and then use it right away. Moreover, the underlying physical machines are managed by cloud service providers and transparent to users.



Answer: A


A/An _________________ is a copy of data on a disk at a certain point in time.

A. image

B. snapshot

C. template


Answer: B


Multiple lower-configuration I/O-optimized ECS instances can be used with ___________ to deliver a high-availability architecture.

A. Server Load Balancer


C. Auto Scaling


Answer: A


What is the full name of ECS?

A. Elastic Compute Service

B. Elastic Computing Server

C. Elastic Cost Server

D. Elastic Communication Server

Answer: A


Alibaba Cloud does not support Intranet communication between products that are not in the same region, which does not mean ______________?

A. ECS instances in different regions cannot communicate with each other on the intranet.

B. ECS instances and other products in different regions, such as ApsaraDB for RDS and OSS instances, cannot communicate with each other on the intranet.

C. Server Load Balancer cannot be deployed for ECS instances in various regions.

D. Server Load Balancer can be deployed for ECS instances in various regions.

Answer: B


If you are running an online ticket booking service with relatively fixed traffic, then which kind of charging mode is more suitable for you?

A. Pay-As-You-Go

B. Prepaid

C. Paypal-pay

D. bitcoin-pay

Answer: A


When we talk about the ‘Elastic’ feature for ECS product, we are not talking about _____________.

A. Elastic Computing

B. Elastic Storage

C. Elastic Network

D. Elastic Administration

Answer: D


Your website has high volume of traffic and sudden spikes for a very short time. In this scenario, ______________ can manage traffic peak efficiently and maintain a consistent user experience.

A. Server Load Balancer

B. Auto Scaling



Answer: B

0 belongs to any of them

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