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Alicloud ACA-Developer Real Questions | Killtest 2021

Aug 27,2021

The ACA Developer Certification is intended for Alibaba Cloud Developers. Alicloud ACA-Developer exam is designed for individuals who hold development positions and use Alibaba Cloud products to manage and maintain Alibaba Cloud-based applications. Killtest new released Alicloud ACA-Developer real questions are the best material for you to pass the test. All the related ACA-Developer exam information is also available for you to prepare for the test well. 


AliCloud ACA-Developer Real Questions


Alicloud ACA-Developer Exam

Alicloud ACA-Developer exam information is below for you to learn the test. There are 50 questions in real Alicloud ACA-Developer exam, and you have 90 minutes to complete all the questions. The required passing score of Alicloud certification ACA-Developer exam is 60 (out of 100 points). The available language of ACA-Developer exam is English. The registration fee is $120. 
ACA-Developer questions type

ACA-Developer Exam Content and Ratios

List Alicloud ACA-Developer exam content and ratios in the following pictures.
ACA-Developer Exam Content and Ratios

Killtest new cracked Alicloud ACA-Developer real questions contain 95 Q&As, which can help you test all the above ACA-Developer exam content and ratios. Share some Alicloud ACA-Developer exam demo questions and answers below. 
By default Function Compute cannot access resources within a VPC network group. To enable Function Compute to access resources located in a VPC, which of the following parameters needs to be configured? (Number of correct answers: 3)
A. securityGroupId 
C. vSwitchlds 
D. vpcld
Answer: A,C,D

Which of the following configurations cannot improve the stability, reliability or availability of an Alibaba Cloud Scaling Group? (Number of correct answers: 3)
A. Choose a variety of different ECS types when creating your Scaling Configuration 
B. In the process of creating a Scaling Group, associate multiple Server Load Balancers 
C. Select multiple VPCs when creating the scaling group 
D. When creating the scaling group, select multiple Vswitches in multiple Zone within a Region
Answer: A,B,C

What are the benefits of creating indexes on PolarDB? (Number of correct answers: 2)
A. Improve the efficiency of DML operations such as UPDATE. 
B. Improve the efficiency of DDL operations. 
C. Improve the query efficiency SELECT statements. 
D. Reduce invalid data scanning.
Answer: C,D

When using the Alibaba Cloud CLI, what is the default data format for responses, when executing queries such as "aliyun ecs Describelnstances"?
Answer: D

Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a suitable product for the following scenarios: (Number of correct answers: 2)
A. Images, HTML, CSS and JS files on a medium-sized E-commerce website. 
B. News websites with more than 30 million daily page views and users are all from Singapore. 
C. BBS forums with less than 100 daily page views. 
D. Static sites with more than 100,000 daily page views.
Answer: B,C

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