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CIPP-A Practice Exam Q&A: 90 Updated: June 21,2021

CIPP-A Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia Material | Killtest 2021

June 11,2021

CIPP-A Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia exam material is available for you to earn CIPP-A certification, which demonstrates understanding of a principles-based framework and knowledge base in information privacy within the Asian context, including laws and practices specific to the regions of Singapore, Hong Kong and India. The IAPP’s CIPP/Asia credential certifies proficiency in the key data privacy practices of major Asian economies. I collected all the related IAPP certification CIPP-A exam information for you to learn CIPP-A test. 


CIPP-A Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia Material


IAPP CIPP-A Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia

There are 90 questions in real Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia CIPP-A exam, and the scored questions are 75. Each candidate has 2.5 hours to complete all the questions. The exam price is $550, and the retake fee is $375. The Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPP helps organizations around the world bolster compliance and risk mitigation practices, and arms practitioners with the insight needed to add more value to their businesses.

IAPP CIPP-A Exam Blueprint

IAPP CIPP-A exam blueprint can help you test the following details. 
I. Privacy Fundamentals
II. Singapore Privacy Laws and Practices
III. Hong Kong Privacy Laws and Practices
IV. India Privacy Law and Practices
V. Common Themes

The new cracked IAPP CIPP-A exam material with 90 Q&As can help you study all the above Certified Information Privacy Professional/Asia (CIPP/A) exam blueprint. Share some IAPP certification CIPP-A exam demo questions and answers below. 
Which personal data element is NOT considered a special category of data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
A. Financial information.
B. Political opinions.
C. Physical or mental health data.
D. Race or ethnic origin.
Answer: C

What was the basis for the "TrustSg" mark, which was designed to build confidence in ecommerce transactions before the PDPA was enacted?
A. The 1995 European Directive.
B. The Electronic Transactions Act.
C. The Fair Information Practice Principles.
D. The Model Data Protection Code.
Answer: D

Which concept is NOT an element of Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR)?
A. Consultation with Privacy Enforcement (PE) Authority.
B. Enforcement by Accountability Agents.
C. Self-assessment against CBPR Question:naire.
D. Dispute resolution via the Accountability Agent's compliance program.
Answer: C

In enforcement cases, what is Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) obligated to do?
A. Provide the complainant with a way to appeal a decision.
B. Publish the name of an organization named in a complaint.
C. Intervene in civil actions to provide assistance to complainants.
D. Publish the decisions it makes regarding complaints.
Answer: A

Under India's IT Rules 2011, data subjects have the right to correct inaccuracies in personal information collected about them only if?
A. They are also the providers of the information.
B. They request the corrections within a specified amount of time.
C. They are able to prove the legitimacy of the corrections.
D. They confirm their consent to maintain the information.
Answer: A

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