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Aug 25,2021

Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF exam material is the best guides for you to pass CBBF test. CBBF exam is designed for non-technical business professionals who require basic knowledge about Blockchain and how it will be executed within an organization. The Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF exam is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this emerging space. Killtest Blockchain CBBF exam material contains 70 Q&As, which can help you study all the related skills well. 


Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF Material


Blockchain CBBF Exam

Blockchain certification CBBF exam basic information is available below. 

 Number of questions  70
 Time Allotted  90 minutes
 Passing score  70%
 Exam Cost  $250
 Exam Language  English

Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF Ability

After passing certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF exam, you will understand the following abilities.
Blockchain Basics
Why an organization should or should not use Blockchain
How Blockchain Works
Implementing Blockchain in Business
Blockchain Use Cases  

All the Blockchain CBBF exam material can help you study and pass Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF exam. Share some Blockchain certification CBBF exam demo questions and answers below. 
How is Blockchain benefiting voting?
A. By revealing the identity of each voter and who or what they voted for
B. By controlling who gets to vote
C. By only allowing a certain number of votes per person
D. By allowing voters to trust their vote has been counted
Answer: D

Which of the following statements sums up the Proof of Work consensus process?
A. Miners complete to find a nonce results in a hash that starts with a predetermined number of leading zeros.
B. Miners put up a stake. A miner is then selected based on stake value to add a new block to the chain. If a miner adds an invalid block to the chain, that miner loses their stake.
C. All nodes agree on the data of the transaction.
D. Miners send assets to an inactive address. This process selects the next owner of a block.
Answer: C

The Ethereum Blockchain provides a/an _____________ virtual machine.
A. Windows compatible
B. energy efficient
C. Linux compatible
D. turing-complete
Answer: D

Which Blockchain protocol uses Proof of Work Consensus? Select all that apply
A. Hyperledger
B. Corda
C. Bitcoin
D. Ethereum
E. All of the above
Answer: ACD

One of the big issues that new financial transaction Blockchain solutions face is____________.
A. increasing the number of transactions per second (TPS)
B. the inability to find use cases
C. solving user identity
D. getting banks to cooperate
Answer: A

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