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DMF-1220 Practice Exam Q&A: 485 Updated: June 21,2021
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DAMA CDMP Certification DMF-1220 Practice Exam | Killtest 2021

June 08,2021

Looking for the latest DAMA CDMP certification DMF-1220 practice test? Killtest is the best place you come. We have cracked the latest Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 practice exam, which can make sure you pass this DAMA DMF-1220 exam easily. Professional certification is an indication of knowledge, skills and experience in a field. DAMA International has constructed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The certification program gives data management professionals the opportunity to show professional growth that can enhance their personal and career goals.


DAMA CDMP Certification DMF-1220 Practice Exam



There are 100 multiple choice questions in real DAMA CDMP DMF-1220 exam, and you have 90 minutes to complete all the questions. If English is not your main language you can take the ESL version, where you will get an additional 20 minutes to complete the exam. Besides, there are 40 questions in Data Management Fundamentals Practice exam. To become a professional psychologist, it requires at least four years at university, then two years of professional development with fortnightly supervision, workshops and written case studies.

DAMA DMF-1220 Exam Objectives

The Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 exam covers 14 topics. There are 11 Knowledge areas, plus Data Management Process, Ethics, and Big Data.

To test the above DAMA CDMP Certification DMF-1220 exam objectives, the new cracked DAMA CDMP certification DMF-1220 practice exam is the best guides. Share some DAMA CDMP Certification DMF-1220 practice exam questions and answers below. 

Metadata management solutions include architectural layers including:
A. Metadata control and management
B. Metadata Marketing
C. Metadata usage
D. Metadata integration
E. Metadata Sales
F. Metadata delivery
Answer: A,C,D,F

A change management program supporting formal data governance should focus communication on: Obtaining buy-in from all stakeholders
A. Implementing data management training
B. Monitoring the resistance
C. Promoting the value of data assets
D. Addressing all queries
E. Implementing new metric and KPIs
Answer: A,C,E

Please select the incorrect item that does not represent a dimension in the Data Values category in Data Quality for the Information age.
A. Currency
B. Timeliness
C. Consistency
D. Completeness
Answer: B

Examples of concepts that can be standardized within the data quality knowledge area include:
A. Standard measurement methodologies
B. Data security standards
C. Data remediation standards and procedures
D. None of the above
E. Data quality rules
F. Data quality rules
Answer: A,C,F

Barriers to effective management of data quality include:
A. Inappropriate or ineffective instruments to measure value
B. Lack of awareness on the part of leadership and staff
C. Lack of leadership and management
D. Lack of business governance
E. None of the above
F. Difficulty in justification of improvements
Answer: A,B,C,D,F 

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