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Jun 09,2021

EC-Council’s CCISO Program has certified leading information security professionals around the world. The Certified CISO (CCISO) program is the first of its kind training and certification program aimed at producing top-level information security executives. 712-50 exam is one for EC-Council CCISO system. Killtest just updated EC-Council Certified CISO (CCISO) 712-50 exam guides, which are useful for you to test all the related blueprint. With studying all of EC-Council certification 712-50 exam guides, you will be easy to pass the test. 


EC-Council Certified 712-50 CCISO Exam Guides


EC-Council 712-50 CCISO Exam

Study EC-Council 712-50 exam information below. 
Number of questions: 150
Exam Duration: 2.5 hours
Cut score: 60%-85%
There are three cognitive levels tested on the CCISO 712-50 exam: Knowledge, Application and Analysis.

712-50 CCISO EC-Council Exam Blueprint

712-50 CCISO EC-Council exam blueprint details are available below. 

712-50 CCISO EC-Council Blueprint

Killtest new updated EC-Council 712-50 exam guides can help you test all the above blueprint. Share some EC-Council certification 712-50 exam demo questions and answers below. 
Which of the following is a critical operational component of an Incident Response Program (IRP)?
A. Weekly program budget reviews to ensure the percentage of program funding remains constant.
B. Annual review of program charters, policies, procedures and organizational agreements.
C. Daily monitoring of vulnerability advisories relating to your organization’s deployed technologies.
D. Monthly program tests to ensure resource allocation is sufficient for supporting the needs of the organization
Answer: C

Risk appetite directly affects what part of a vulnerability management program?
A. Staff
B. Scope
C. Schedule
D. Scan tools
Answer: B

According to ISO 27001, of the steps for establishing an Information Security Governance program listed below, which comes first?
A. Identify threats, risks, impacts and vulnerabilities
B. Decide how to manage risk
C. Define the budget of the Information Security Management System
D. Define Information Security Policy
Answer: D

The exposure factor of a threat to your organization is defined by?
A. Asset value times exposure factor
B. Annual rate of occurrence
C. Annual loss expectancy minus current cost of controls
D. Percentage of loss experienced due to a realized threat event
Answer: D

Information security policies should be reviewed:
A. by stakeholders at least annually
B. by the CISO when new systems are brought online
C. by the Incident Response team after an audit
D. by internal audit semiannually
Answer: A

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