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FPGEE Practice Exam Q&A: 426 Updated: May 17,2021
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Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency FPGEE Study Guides | Killtest 2021

May 04,2021

Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency FPGEE exam is a required test for FPGEC certification, which ensures that a foreign pharmacist’s education meets comparable requirements to pharmacists educated from US pharmacy colleges. Pharmacists educated outside of the United States are required to achieve Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee (FPGEC) Certification before applying for a pharmacy licensure exam or state board of pharmacy license. Killtest provides the latest FPGEC certification FPGEE exam study guides, which can benefit you more in the exam preparation. 


Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivatency FPGEE Study Guides


Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency FPGEE Exam

The FPGEE Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency is a comprehensive pharmacy exam, which focuses on knowledge from biomedical, pharmaceutical, behavioral, and clinical sciences. The FPGEE is a 5.5 hour exam comprised of 200 questions that are delivered in a computerized, fixed form. The scaled passing score is 75. The fee to take the FPGEE is $650. The fee to retake the exam on the same application is $750. You can register Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency FPGEE exam at Pearson VUE test center. 

FPGEC Certification FPGEE Exam

FPGEC certification FPGEE exam is designed to measure knowledge in four major pharmacy content areas:
Basic Biomedical Sciences 10%
Pharmaceutical Sciences 33%
Social/Behavioral/Administrative Sciences 22%
Clinical Sciences 35%

Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination FPGEE test study guides can help you learn the above content areas. List some FPGEC certification FPGEE exam demo questions and answers below. 

Drug used together with chloroquine in the treatment of malaria with the purpose to kill persistants parasites in the liver of a person infected with Plasmodium vivax is:
A. Quinine
B. Pyrimethamine
C. Sulfadoxine
D. Primaquine
E. Quinidine
Answer: D

Class of doxepin is:
A. Antidepressants
B. Aquaretics
C. Autonomic nervous system drugs
D. Laxatives
E. Anti-asthmatic agents
Answer: A

Mechanism of action of Prozac is:
A. Induces translation misreadings
B. dopamine antagonist
C. Damages mitochondrial DNA
D. serotonin reuptake inhibitor
E. monoamine reuptake inhibitor
Answer: D

Which of the following is considered a polyene antifungal agent?
A. Miconazole
B. Clotrimazole
C. Amphotericin
D. Itraconazole
E. Ketoconazole
Answer: C

Otitis media is an ear infection normally caused by S. pneumoniae and may be best treated by:
A. Amoxicillin
B. Penicillin V
C. Ampicillin
D. Amoxicillin clavulanate
E. Oxacillin
Answer: D

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