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Google Looker-Business-Analyst Exam Material

Dec 08,2021

Google Looker-Business-Analyst exam material is available online. A Business Analyst should be able to use Looker to query data and create actionable metrics, validate data accuracy, and apply procedural concepts to identify error sources. A Business Analyst can build Looker dashboards to meet business requirements, deliver reports for data consumers, and use appropriate visualizations to meet analysis requirements. I also collected all other Google Looker-Business-Analyst exam information for you to prepare for the test. 


Google Looker-Business Analyst Exam Material


Note: The Looker Business Analyst (BA) certification exam will end on December 31, 2021.


Google Looker-Business-Analyst Exam

A Looker Business Analyst uses Looker daily to create and curate content, develop reports, and use visualizations to represent data. 
Length: 100 minutes
Registration fee: $250
Languages: English
Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select taken remotely or in person at a test center. 
Recommended experience: Business analysts with 5+ months of experience using Looker for report development, data visualization, and dashboard best practices.

Looker-Business-Analyst Google Exam Knowledge

List Looker-Business-Analyst Google exam knowledge below. 

Scheduling and sharing Looks and dashboards
Table calculations and Looker expressions
Customize and advanced filters
The impacts of pivoting
Best practices around designing dashboards
The fundamentals of caching

Online Google Looker-Business-Analyst exam material can help you study all the above exam knowledge. Share some Google Looker-Business-Analyst exam material below. 

An analyst creates a column chart showing the count of total orders and the count of returned orders on each date. The number of returned orders is much smaller than the number of total orders, so the columns for the returned orders are short and it is difficult to compare all the columns visually. How should the analyst ensure that the differences between returned order counts for each day are more visible?
A. Set the x-axis to use a log scale.
B. Move the returned orders series to a new right axis.
C. Change the returned orders series to a line type.
D. Change the y-axis height to a higher number of pixels.
Answer: D

An analyst creates a table visualization. There is one dimension, a few count type measures, and a percentage table calculation. When the analyst tries to download all 200,000 rows of results in CSV, the option is unavailable. The analyst has been provided permission to download all results. Which action should the analyst take to download all results?
A. Request that the admin user download this Look and share the file.
B. Apply a custom limit to the download.
C. Change the table calculation to use an offset() function.
D. Contact the developer to create the percentage as a measure.
Answer: B

A global dashboard filter and the filter on a tile within that dashboard conflict because the global dashboard filter and the individual tile filter are based on the same field with different filter values. What happens in this situation?
A. The global dashboard filter will override the individual tile filter.
B. The filter values of both filters will combine in an additive manner and both filters will apply.
C. The dashboard will break and warn the user that there are conflicting filter values
D. The individual tile's filter will override the global dashboard filter.
Answer: A

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