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H13-311 Practice Exam Q&A: 169 Updated: October 21,2021
H13-311-ENU Practice Exam Q&A: 171 Updated: October 21,2021
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HCIA-AI V3.0 H13-311 Study Guides

October 08,2021

Huawei H13-311 exam is a required test for Huawei HCIA-AI V3.0 certification, which indicate that you have mastered the AI development history, the Huawei Ascend AI system, the full-stack all-scenario AI strategy, and the algorithms related to traditional machine learning and deep learning. Killtest new released Huawei HCIA-AI H13-311 V3.0 exam study guides are the best material for you to study and pass the test easily.


HCIA-AI V3.0 H13-311 Study Guides


Huawei H13-311 V3.0 Exam

Huawei certification H13-311 V3.0 exam information is available below.
Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false Question
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 200USD
Language: Chinese, English

H13-311 V3.0 Huawei Exam Knowledge Content

List Huawei HCIA-AI H13-311 V3.0 exam knowledge content below.
1.AI Overview 10%
2.Machine Learning Overview 20%
3.Deep Learning Overview 20%
4.Mainstream Development Frameworks for AI 18%
5.Huawei AI Development Framework MindSpore 3%
6.Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas 5%
7.Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices 2%
8.HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform 5%
9.Comprehensive AI Experiment 17%

The new released Huawei H13-311 HCIA-AI V3.0 exam study guides are the best material for you to test the above knowledge content. Share some HCIA-AI V3.0 H13-311 study gudes below.
On Huawei Cloud EI Which of the following can be AI Technology is integrated into the application scenarios of all walks of life AI The advantages of technology to improve efficiency and improve experience.
A. EI Agent
B. OBS Object storage service
C. Cloud database
D. EI Big data service
Answer: A

Which command can be checked Atlas 300 (3000) Whether the accelerator card is in place?
A. 1spci | grep'npu'
B. 1spci | grep'd100'
C. 1spci grep'atlas'
D. atlas info
Answer: B

Not supported in the following options TensorFLow2.0 The attributes for dimensional transformation are.
A. squeeze
B. reshape
C. gather
D. transpose
Answer: C

What is the performance of artificial intelligence in the stage of perceptual intelligence?
A. Machines begin to understand, think and make decisions like humans
B. Machines begin to calculate and transmit information just like humans
C. The machine starts to understand and understand, make judgments, and take some simple actions
Answer: C

Recurrent neural network is different from convolutional neural network, it is better at solving the following problems?
A. Sequence related issues
B. Image classification
C. Image detection
D. Recommended question
Answer: A

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