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HCIE-Storage V2.5 Exam H13-629_V2.5-ENU Practice Questions For Best Preparation

May 23,2022

To all candidates who want to complete HCIE-Storage(Written) certification exam, they need to know the current version of HCIE-Storage(Written) is V2.5, candidates are required to register H13-629_V2.5 exam and pass successfully. To all customers who choose DumpsBase, we have released new HCIE-Storage V2.5 exam H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice questions in English for your best preparation of Huawei HCIE-Storage certification exam. Arrange your preparation properly with Killtest H13-629_V2.5-ENU exam questions and answers now, you are going to possess the selection to prepare efficiently via the HCIE-Storage V2.5 H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice exam questions without the need of investing a great deal of cash and energy in going to exorbitant homeroom instructional meetings.

New Huawei H13-629_V2.5-ENU Practice Questions

What are the steps to complete Huawei Storage certification?

Huawei Storage certification is one of ICT Infrastructure certifications. It contains three levels:


The first step is to complete the HCIA-Storage certification. It is an associate-level certification, the current version is V4.5, candidates needs to register H13-611_V4.5 exam to complete the HCIA-Storage certification exam. With HCIA-Storage V4.5 certification, you will understand and master the knowledge and skills about storage technology trends, storage systems architecture, storage basic technologies, storage common advanced technologies, storage service continuity solutions, and basic O&M management of storage systems; are able to deploy, operate, maintain and manage storage systems; are competent for enterprise storage engineers, IT technical support and other positions. For more, before attending H13-611_V4.5 exam, candidates need to understand basic network knowledge; understand computer components; understand the basic knowledge of the Windows and Linux operating systems.


After complete HCIA-Storage certification successfully, you can step to HCIP-Storage certification. As the professional-level certification of Huawei Storage, HCIP-Storage requires candidates to have a valid HCIA-Storage certification as the prerequisite. The current version of HCIP-Storage certification is V5.0. With HCIP-Storage V5.0 certification, you will understand and master the knowledge about storage product technologies, principles and application scenarios of storage advanced features, and skills about planning and design, deployment and implementation, management and O&M, as well as troubleshooting of storage systems; which enables you to be competent for enterprise storage system administrator, senior engineer, IT senior technical support and other positions. HCIP-Storage V5.0 certification requires to complete H13-624 exam successfully.


The final step of Huawei Storage certification is HCIE-Storage, the expert-level certification. HCIE-Storage V2.5 is the current version, which proves you will have a good command of key technical principles, planning and design processes, deployment implementation methods and tools, performance tuning principles, advanced O&M management, and troubleshooting of typical storage solutions, such as storage backup, active-passive DR, active-active DR, and storage data migration; are able to design, manage, build and develop high availability storage solutions; which makes you competent to be a storage solution expert, storage architect and other positions.

HCIE-Storage V2.5 certification requires candidates to have prerequisites such as:

● At least 3 years of hands-on experience in storage is recommended. 

● At least 5 years of storage data analysis experience is recommended. 

● Experience and expertise in Huawei storage service designing, storage solution building, maintaining and tuning are recommended.

● Valid HCIP-Storage Certification

HCIE-Storage V2.5 needs to complete two exams, including one written exam and one lab exam:

Huawei HCIE-Storage V2.5 Certification Exams

Which one should a customer choose, H13-629_V2.5 or H13-629_V2.5-ENU?

HCIE-Storage V2.5 Exam H13-629_V2.5-ENU Practice Questions of Killtest are available to help candidates complete the HCIE-Storage (Written) exam well. However, candidates can find two pages at Killtest related to the HCIE-Storage (Written) exam:

Killtest HCIE-Storage(Written) Exams

Huawei HCIE-Storage(Written) certification exam is available in English and Chinese. H13-629_V2.5 practice exam questions of Killtest is available in Chinese, and H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice exam questions of Killtest is available in English. Customers can choose the correct exam as needs.

Killtest Huawei H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice questions make Huawei HCIE-Storage(Written) V2.5 H13-629_V2.5-ENU exam easier to in greater comprehension in the exam subjects. These Huawei H13-629_V2.5-ENU exam questions and answers will give you full clarification which you desire to know for showing up in HCIE-Storage(Written) V2.5 exam questions. The HCIE-Storage (Written) exam preparation is not as simple because it seems, however you can get the Huawei H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice questions with successful preparation materials and valid online resources, you might clear your Huawei HCIE-Storage(Written) V2.5 exam effortlessly.  

Below are H13-629_V2.5-ENU free demo questions online for reading before getting the new H13-629_V2.5-ENU practice questions:

A storage engineer in an enterprise needs to back up 800 GB of files. The backup solution requires a 4-hour backup window, GE network and 80% bandwidth usage.

If duplication is not considered, what is the required bandwidth?

A. 31.6MB/s

B. 41.6MB/s

C. 57 MB/s

D. 72MB/s

Answer: D

When using the block service of Huawei's distributed storage system, a DR cluster with asynchronous remote replication is enabled.

Which of the following is not true?

A. A DR cluster can be deployed on storage nodes or standalone servers

B. DR cluster has good scalability.

C. A single DR cluster cannot meet the needs of rapidly growing DR services.

D. Users can deploy DR clusters as needed. A DR cluster is a logical solution to provide replication services. 

Answer: C

If OceanStor hybrid flash memory is used at the same time, which of the following is not suitable?

A. Front-end and back-end common GE network

B. Front-end and back-end 10GE network

C. Front-end and back-end 25GE network

D. Front-end 10GE network and back-end 25GE network

Answer: A

Which of the following statements about Huawei Oceanstor9000 is incorrect?

A. Huawei Oceanstor9000 adopts the hardware of general x86 architecture and supports to expand from 3 nodes to 288 nodes.

B. OceanstorDFS, a distributed file system developed by Huawei, supports the storage of large amounts of unstructured data.

C. Huawei Oceanstor9000 provides object storage service and is compatible with Amazon S3AP.

D. Huawei Oceanstor9000 supports simultaneous access to the same data in the same area from multiple nodes. 

Answer: D

Huawei Oceanstor9000 provides a single file system externally and manages it through a unified file system namespace.

Which namespace statement is not true?

A. Namespaces are automatically created during OceanStor 9000 startup and are named after the system name.

B. As the root directory of the entire system, the namespace cannot be shared or accessed. However, its sub-directions can be shared and accessed.

C. Unified namespace provides a pooled storage resources pool to centrally manage and allocate storage space.

D. All shared directories are subdirectories in the standard namespace.

Answer: A

Regarding the quota characteristics of Huawei Oceanstor storage distributed storage object storage, which of the following statements is incorrect?

A. This feature supports bucket quotas.

B. This feature supports account-level quotas.

C. Bucket quotas can be used to specify the maximum bucket capacity and the maximum number of buckets allowed.  

D. Account-level quotas can be used to specify the maximum capacity available to an account.

Answer: C

When you format a newly created LUN on an Ocean Storage hybrid flash system, the format fails.

Which of the following conditions would not cause this problem?

A. The RAID group where the LUN is located has been degraded or has failed

B. The host and storage system are disconnected.

C. During the formatting process, the LUN's owning controller is switched.

D. The LUN's owning controller has been reset.

Answer: B

A company purchased a Huawei hybrid flash system. The current service information is as follows:

1. Online transaction service: random write I/Os account for 80%.

2. Online query service: sequential reading I/Os account for 90%.

3. Configured with SSD, SAS disk and NL-SAS disk.

Which of the following plans for storage engineers to plan storage services is unreasonable?

A. When creating a disk domain, select the disk as a hot spare.

B. When allocating the initial capacity of the online transaction service LUN, please select the high-performance layer and RAID 10.

C. When allocating the initial capacity of the online query service LUN, select the performance level and RAID5.

D. Use solid-state LUNs for online transaction services.

Answer: A

A company deployed Huawei Ocean Storage hybrid flash memory in its data center to provide NAS services for video production departments. Data in departmental workstations can be shared in NFS mode. Recently, one of the department's video processors reported that videos in the shared directory were mistakenly deleted by someone in another department.

Which of the following measures cannot be taken by a storage engineer during NAS service configuration to avoid this problem?

A. Use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for access control.

B. User authentication using Network Information Services (NIS).

C. Create local users on the storage system of each video processor in the video production department, and configure permissions to access NFS shares for each local user.

D. Configure the permissions of NFS shares, and only allow workstations in the video production department to access NFS shares.

Answer: C

Which of the following statements about the LUN copy or clone of Ocean Storage all-flash storage is correct?

A. LUN copies and clones back up the data in the source volume at the point in time when the copy or clone started.

B. During LUN replication and cloning, host services must be suspended.

C. LUN copies and clones can be performed on the same storage system.

D. LUN copies and clones support incremental synchronization.

Answer: C

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