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HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView Updated Questions - Retire on January 17, 2022

Sep 27,2021

Using HPE OneView HPE2-T36 exam questions have been updated, which can help you test your knowledge and skills on designing, deploying, and operating the HPE OneView management suite as the management and provisioning control plane for HPE products and solutions. HP Certification HPE2-T36 exam is for HPE customers, partners, and employees who configure, implement, support, and use OneView to manage HPE Hybrid IT solutions. With studying all of the updated HP HPE2-T36 exam questions, you can pass the test in the first attempt. 


HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView Updated Questions


HP HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView Exam

To pass HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView exam, you will have basic industry standard storage, server and networking skills.
HPE2-T36 Exam Information

HP Certification HPE2-T36 Exam Ojectives

List HP certification HPE2-T36 exam objectives below. 
Describe industry standard data center infrastructure management technologies 7%
Describe HPE OneView and its elements and positioning for customer business outcomes 13%
Architect and design a data center management solution using the HPE OneView 23%
Install and configure HPE OneView and related elements 14%
Provision Hybrid IT infrastructure using  HPE OneView 23%
Manage and report on Hybrid IT infrastructure using HPE OneView 11%
Monitor and troubleshoot common Hybrid IT infrastructure issues using HPE OneView 9%

All the new updated HP certification HPE2-T36 exam questions can help you study all the above Using HPE OneView objectives. Share some updated HP HPE2-T36 exam questions and answers below.
An administrator selected “firmware and OS drivers using smart update tools” when  installing a new HPE Service pack for ProLiant. Which statement are true for the is administrator environment?
A. Customer will be automatically detected and updated simulteniously.
B. By default only a new version of firmware/drivers will be installed
C. Firmware and OS drivers will always start immediately to be as fast as possible.
D. Firmware and OS drivers are updated without powering off the server hardware
Answer: D

You remove an HPE SY480 compute module from its bay and install a host bus adapter (HBA) into the compute module. When you install the module back into its original bay you notice that the server profile in HPE OneView is showing “unassigned”. What is the reason for this?
A. There is no connection configured for the HBA in the “Connections” section of the Server profile.
B. The server hardware type is invalid.
C. The Server Profile is inconsistent with its Server Profile Template.
D. The Affinity is configured to “Device bay + hardware”.
Answer: B

When creating a Server Profile Template, what are advantages or creating an unassigned Ethernet type connection during template creation? (Choose two.)
A. It enables auto-zoning of SAN connections
B. It avoids re-enumeration when assigning a network to existing connections
C. It eliminates the need to power off the server when adding connectivity to the production networks or disabling a profile connection
D. Template creation is the only time that new network adapters can be created
Answer: B,C

What are Benefits of using HPE OneView along with 3rd Party integrations? (Select two)
A. Standardized templates to optimize industry standard applications
B. Faster application development
C. Simplified Infrastructure lifecycle operations
D. Integrated management of 3rd Party software licenses
E. Extensive management of 3rd Party server and storage devices
Answer: B,E

Which statement is true about consistency checks between the server profile template and its corresponding server profiles?
A. A server profile must always fulfill the minimum specifications jn its server profile template.
B. You can have different consistency checking levels within a server profile.
C. Server profiles can combine consistency checks from multiple server profile templates
D. Consistency checking is enabled for a complete server profile.
Answer: B

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