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HP HPE2-N68 Practice Questions Released

Oct 13,2021

HPE2-N68 Using HPE Containers practice questions have been released, which are valuable in your preparation. HP Certification HPE2-N68 exam can help you explain foundational concepts necessary for understanding how HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise works, explain the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise model, features, and functions, Perform installation and setup processes and Configure various environments and demonstrate key capabilities. With the new released HPE2-N68 practice questions, you can pass the test easily.


HP HPE2-N68 Practice Questions Released


HP Certification HPE2-N68 Exam

HP Certification HPE2-N68 exam is for HPE customers, partners, and employees who configure, implement, support, and use HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise solutions.

HPE2-N68 Exam Information

HPE2-N68 Using HPE Containers Exam Objectives

List the details of HP HPE2-N68 Using HPE Containers exam objectives below. 

HPE2-N68 exam objectives

The new released HP Certification HPE2-N68 exam practice questions can help you test all the above Using HPE Containers exam objectives. Share some HP HPE2-N68 exam demo questions and answers below. 
You need to set up email alerts. When do you need to exec into the Ezmeral Container Platform controller's "epic-nagios" container, as opposed to using the Web Ul?
A. When you want to specify multiple destination email addresses and groups
B. When you want to send an alert to an SNMP version 3 server
C. When you want to set a custom source email address for the alerts
D. When the controller DNS server does not have an entry for the destination email domain
Answer: D

What is one requirement tor using the pre-check config rite to install HPE EzmeralContainer Platform v5.2 on a controller host?
A. The host must run the RHEL operating system because SLE5 is not supported.
B. The host must pass all the checks run by the pre-check config script.
C. You must first install a digital certificate to secure management communications with the host.
D. You must run the standard installation before running the pre-check config file.
Answer: D

You have an Ezmeral Container Platform solution running v5.2 software. The platform manages several Kubernetes clusters. You need to upgrade the software. What type of behavior should you expect during the upgrade?
A. Existing services continue to run with minimal disruption, but users cannot add new services in the Web Ul.
B. Users can access the Web Ul. But external clients will not be able to reach services on the cluster.
C. Users can access EPIC features, but services running on the Kubernetes cluster will be unavailable.
D. All services on the cluster will be down for about an hour, as will the Web Ul.
Answer: C

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