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Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 Study Guides | Killtest 2021

Aug 24,2021

We know that JN0-611 exam is the new replacement test of JN0-610, which has been retired. If you are planning to earn Juniper JNCIP-Cloud certification, please take and pass JN0-611 exam. Juniper JNCIP-Cloud certification is designed for networking professionals with advanced knowledge of cloud networking, theory, and best practices. Killtest new cracked Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 study guides will be the best material for you prepare for this Cloud, Professional (JNCIP-Cloud) exam. All the related Juniper certification JN0-611 exam information is also an important part in your preparation. 


Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 Study Guides


Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 Exam

Juniper certification JN0-611 written exam verifies your understanding of cloud networking principles and technologies.

 Exam Code  JN0-611
 Number of questions  written exam, 65 multiple choice questions
 Duration  90 minutes
 Language  English
 Test Center  Pearson VUE

JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 Exam Objectives

List Cloud, Professional (JNCIP-Cloud) JN0-611 exam objectives below. 
Contrail Networking Overview
Kubernetes Integration
OpenShift Integration
vCenter Integration
Service Chaining

New Cracked Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 exam study guides can help you test all the above exam objectives. Share some Juniper JNCIP-Cloud JN0-611 exam demo questions and answers below. 

You are deploying a service chain in your cloud environment. You want to have the traffic evaluated by a Layer 3 firewall and a load balancing service before reaching its destination. In this scenario, which service mode should be used?
A. in-network
B. firewall
C. analyzer
D. transparent
Answer: B

What is a core component of a Microsoft Azure environment?
A. a resource group
B. a VPC
C. an EC2 instance
D. a vRouter
Answer: A

Your customer asks you to create a service VM to be used for deep packet inspection. You are also asked to ensure that the service does not modify the packet. Which two service modes would you use in this situation? (Choose two.)
A. transparent NAT
B. transparent
C. in-network
D. in-network NAT
Answer: A,C

You are connecting your private cloud with services running in a Microsoft Azure public cloud. In this scenario, which two actions must be completed to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Time must be synchronized on all the nodes with NTP.
B. All the on-premises nodes must have private IP addresses except the management interfaces.
C. DNS settings on all devices must point to Microsoft for resolution.
D. You must enable NETCONF on all devices in your private cloud environment.
Answer: C,D

Your company has integrated Contrail with its VMware installation. In this scenario, which two steps are needed to create a virtual network and launch a virtual machine? (Choose two.)
A. Create a virtual machine using Contrail Command.
B. Create a virtual network using Contrail Command.
C. Create a virtual network using the Contrail Classic Ul.
D. Create a virtual machine using the vCenter Ul.
Answer: A,C

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