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Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 Study Guides

Oct 27,2021

JN0-450 exam is a required test for Juniper JNCIS-MistAI certification, which is designed for Wireless LAN networking professionals with introductory knowledge of wireless networking using the Mist AI. Juniper certification JN0-450 written exam verifies your basic understanding of WLAN and Mist AI technology, features, and functionality. The latest Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 study guides are released, which are the best material for you to study all the related topics. 


Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 Study Guides


Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 Exam

Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 exam information is helpful in the preparation. 
Number of questions: 65 multiple-choice questions
Duration: 90 minutes
Test Center: Pearson VUE
Language: English
Juniper JNCIS-MistAI certification is valid in 3 years. Pass/fail status is available immediately after taking the JN0-450 exam.

JN0-450 Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) Exam Objectives

List JN0-450 Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) Exam objectives below. 
Wi-Fi Fundamentals
Mist Architecture and Deployment
General WLAN Concepts
Mist Network operations
Marvis AI
Mist Location-based Services (LBS)
Mist Automation

Juniper JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 study guides can help you study the above Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) Exam objectives. Share some Juniper certification JN0-450 exam questions and answers below. 

In which two layers of the OSI model are WLANs located? (Choose two.)
A. Data Link
B. Transport
C. Physical
D. Network
Answer: A,C

You placed an AP on a map and applied an Asset Visibility license to a MIST AP. In this scenario, what will be the effect on the BLE array?
A. The BLE array will be in listen mode only.
B. The BLE array will be able to transmit and receive.
C. The BLE array will be disabled.
D. The BLE array will be in transmit mode only.
Answer: B

You are troubleshooting a device that has not successfully connected to the network. You know the device's hostname, and have taken all steps to locate it in the Mist dashboard, including asking Marvis to locate the device. However, you are not able to find the device in the Mist dashboard. In this scenario, what is the problem?
A. You have the wrong SLE selected.
B. You need to ask Marvis to locate a client, not an AP.
C. You need to select the correct group of access points.
D. The device has not successfully associated to the network.
Answer: B

What information would be streamed through webhooks? (Choose two.)
A. SLE metrics of clients
B. alerts
C. location coordinates of RFID tags
D. audit logs
Answer: C,D

Which statement is correct about wireless assurance?
A. Wireless assurance can be used to proactively optimize WLAN performance.
B. Wireless assurance does not require a subscription.
C. Wireless assurance is used by clients to ensure that a Wi-Fi connection is stable and reliable before joining.
D. Wireless assurance is a legacy WLAN construct that is difficult to use.
Answer: A

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