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Marketing Cloud Administrator Updated Questions Available

Dec 22,2021

Marketing Cloud Administrator updated questions are available, which can guarantee you pass the test. After getting Marketing Cloud Administrator certification, you are generally familiar with data structure in subscriber data management and can thoroughly navigate Setup. To take Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam, you should be able to maintain the Marketing Cloud platform, respond to common business requirements, and perform administrative functions within Marketing Cloud. Killtest new updated Marketing Cloud Administrator exam questions are valuable for you to pass. 


Marketing Cloud Administrator Updated Questions Available


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam information is available below. 
Content: 60 multiple-choice questions 
Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes
Passing score: 67%
Registration fee: USD 200
Retake fee: USD 100
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam Outline

List Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam outline below. 

Marketing Cloud Administrator Updated Questions Available

All the updated Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator questions and answers can help you test all the above outline. Share some Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator updated questions below. 
Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know how customers are engaging with marketing communications they have sent over the last year. What action should be taken to populate the Einstein Engagement Scoring Dashboard?
A. Click Deploy and results are available immediately
B. Click Activate and wait for an email notification
C. Select the channels (Emails, Push, SMS) to report on then click Activate
D. Select one of the Predictive Algorithms then click Deploy
Answer: D

A university plans to use Journey Builder to improve their 1:1 marketing to potential students, current students, and alumni. The university currently has student data in the Sales Cloud. Other data, such as course catalog, student demographics, and alumni information, is stored in external systems.Which two actions should the implementation Consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers.
A. Use Synchronized Data Sources to data from the Sales Cloud.
B. Create list attributes to store student data from the Sales Cloud.
C. Create an Import Activity to import alumni data into Salesforce Report.
D. Use Data Designer to link student and alumni data to the contact record.
Answer: AD

What does Marketing Cloud authenticate when a user logs in through the user interface?
A. If the user has login hours enabled on their profile
B. If the user is logging in from a whitelisted IP address
C. If the user is assigned a role in the parent business unit
D. If the user is an API User on their record
Answer: B

A Marketing Cloud admin is asked to add a set of four tracking parameters automatically to all the links in an email sent via email studio. Which solution should the admin suggest?
A. Google Analytics 360
B. Parameter Manager
C. Marketing Cloud Connect
D. AMPscript for Marketing Cloud
Answer: B

Which two statements are correct about Send Logging? Choose 2 answers
A. SQL Query Activities can reference Send Logs in combination with system data views.
B. AMPscript can be used to pull data from Send Logs for use within emails.
C. A business unit can support up to three Send Logs.
D. Send Log data extensions are archived automatically based on retention settings.
Answer: AB

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