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NACE CIP Level 2 NACE-CIP2-001 Practice Questions

Mar 04,2019

As before, we have introduced NACE-CIP1-001 NACE CIP Level 1 certification exam, today, we will continue to introduce you real NACE CIP Level 2 NACE-CIP2-001 Practice Questions to help you complete NACE CIP Level 2 certification. NACE Institute highly recommends that candidates complete the Coatings Inspector Program Level 1 requirements for certification before attempting the CIP Level 2 certification. After you complete your NACE-CIP1-001 exam successfully, you can come to get Killtest new NACE-CIP2-001 practice questions to complete your CIP Level 2 certification exam at the first try.


What working knowledge should one candidate have for NACE-CIP2-001 exam?


NACE-CIP2-001 Coating Inspector Level 2 written exam is designed to assess whether a candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills that a minimally qualified Level 2 Coating Inspector must possess. In combination with the introduction of Coatings Inspector Program Level 2 certification, we can know that this certification is designed for Level 2 Coating Inspectors responsible for performing and documenting non-destructive / destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings to any substrate in a shop setting (e.g. workshop, factory, or plant) or under the supervision of a level 3 inspector when working in a field setting (e.g. production facilities, plants, or oil fields).


One candidate who decided to take NACE-CIP2-001 exam should have working knowledge of:

● Corrosion

● Surface preparation

● Cleanliness

● Environmental conditions

● Test instruments

● Coating mixtures

● Safety


What are the details of NACE-CIP2-001 NACE CIP Level 2 certification exam?


We always collect exam details to help our customers know their exams clearly, then they can pass their exams successfully with our valid exam questions and real practice exam. For NACE-CIP2-001 NACE CIP Level 2 certification exam, we also want to share the exam requirement, exam objectives, exam outline to help you get the details of NACE-CIP2-001 NACE CIP Level 2 certification exam.


Exam Requirement


Coating Inspector Level 2 NACE-CIP2-001 exam is the second exam for NACE Certification. As we mentioned above, NACE Institute highly recommends that candidates complete the Coatings Inspector Program Level 1 requirements for certification before attempting the CIP Level 2 certification. 


NACE-CIP2-001 Exam Requirement


Exam Outline


Real NACE-CIP2-001 exam requires you answer 100 questions. The 100 questions (multiple-choice and fill in the blank) are based on the Coating Inspector body of knowledge.


NACE-CIP2-001 Exam Outline


Exam Objectives


NACE-CIP2-001 exam objectives listed below show you the test points of real exam:


●  Safety - 2.5%

●  Inspection Process - 15%

●  Corrosion - 5%

●  Environmental Controls and Inspection - 5%

●  Surface Preparation and Inspection - 20%

●  Coatings and Inspection - 20%

●  Coating Application - 7.5%

●  Documentation - 10%

●  Standards - 10%

●  Team Work - 2.5%

●  Ethics - 2.5%


Above are the two aspects of NACE CIP Level 2 NACE-CIP2-001 exam we would like to share with you. If you are now preparing for your NACE-CIP2-001 Coating Inspector Level 2 exam, please choose Killtest NACE CIP Level 2 NACE-CIP2-001 practice questions as your preparation materials. We ensure that you can complete NACE CIP Level 2 exam at your first try.





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May 26,2020

Do you have NACE Cathodic Protection Certification Exams?

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Thanks for your message. Currently, we have NACE Coating Inspector Certification exams, including NACE-CIP1-001 and NACE-CIP2-001. But NACE Cathodic Protection Certification Exams are not available currently.

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