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New 220-1102 Practice Exam Is Done [2022] Changement OF CompTIA A+ Certification

Jul 18,2022

The latest CompTIA A+ certification exams, including 220-1101 and 220-1102, became effective in April 2022. Even the old version, 220-1001 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 and 220-1002 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 will be retired on October 20, 2022, there are a lot IT students and candidates want to choose to complete the latest CompTIA A+ (220-1101 & 220-1002) exams successfully to achieve their wish certification. To help them more, we have done the new 220-1102 practice exam to help all the candidates and students pass the CompTIA A+ Certification Core 2 Exam successfully.

Killtest 220-1102 CompTIA A+ Certification Core 2 Exam Features

Exam Code: 220-1102

Exam Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Core 2 Exam

Exam Version: V8.02

Exam Q&As: 81

Exam Formats: PDF File + Testing Engine

New 220-1102 Practice Exam | Killtest

[2022 Update] The Changement OF CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1101 & 220-1102)

Generally, IT students know the CompTIA A+ certification well. It is an entry-level certification, which was created by IT industry professionals for validating your skills needed for entry-level IT jobs. CompTIA A+ is the only industry recognized credential with performance testing to prove pros can think on their feet to perform critical IT support tasks. It is trusted by employers around the world to identify the go-to person in end point management & technical support roles. CompTIA A+ appears in more tech support job listings than any other IT credential.

According to the requirement, the CompTIA A+ certification requires to pass two exams. All CompTIA A+ certification candidates know the 220-1001 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 and 220-1002 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 clearly, however, these two exams will be retired on October 20, 2022. The CompTIA has launched the new CompTIA A+ certification exams (22-1101 and 220-1102) in April of 2022. 

What's the difference between the new version (220-1101&220-1102) and the old version (220-1001&220-1002)?

Before answering this question, we have collected the exam domains to help you know the details clearly:

220-1001 Exam Domains VS 220-1101 Exam Domains

220-1002 Exam Domains VS 220-1102 Exam Domains
IT students can find that the percentage of each domain changed, but not huge. The new version of CompTIA A+ certification (220-1101 & 220-1102) exams cover the following new content, emphasizing the technologies and skills IT pros need to support a hybrid workforce.

● Increased reliance on SaaS applications for remote work

● More on troubleshooting and how to remotely diagnose and correct common software, hardware, or connectivity problems

● Changing core technologies from cloud virtualization and IoT device security to data management and scripting

● Multiple operating systems now encountered by technicians on a regular basis, including the major systems, their use cases, and how to keep them running properly

● Reflects the changing nature of the job role, where many tasks are sent to specialized providers as certified personnel need to assess whether it’s best to fix something on site, or to save time and money by sending proprietary technologies directly to vendors

For candidates, you can choose the version you like to complete the CompTIA A+ certification. Both 220-1001 exam questions and 220-1002 practice exam are valid for your preparation. And new 220-1102 practice exam is done, the next step, we Killtest will try best to complete the 220-1101 exam materials. At Killtest, you can get the most useful study materials. We suggest that you need to practice all the exam questions and answers before attending the actual exam. With Killtest, we ensure that you can pass the exam successfully and achieve the CompTIA A+ certification exam smoothly. 


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