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AD0-E104 Practice Exam Q&A: 60 Updated: July 14,2020
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New Adobe Experience Manager Exam AD0-E104 Practice Test 2019

November 28,2019

According to the introduction of Adobe, get recognized for your expertise with Adobe products and differentiate yourself from the crowd. It is great for completing your Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect certification with new AD0-E104 practice test. Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect certification demonstrates to the marketplace that you're able to perform a job role using Adobe's leading creative solutions. More, you can not register 9A0-385 and 9A0-377 for your Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect certification any longer, AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect exam is the only required exam for ACE Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect certification. New Adobe Experience Manager Exam AD0-E104 Practice Test has been released on November 23, 2019. We ensure that you can pass AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect exam in the first try.


Adobe AD0-E104 Practice Test


Adobe Offers Two Levels of Certification: ACA and ACE


Adobe certification is an industry standard of excellence, and it's the absolute best way to communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Adobe certifications help educators effectively teach and validate digital communications skills while providing students and creative professionals with valuable career credentials that demonstrate real-world design prowess to prospective clients and employers. Adobe offers two levels of certification: Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). 


Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)


An Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) credential certifies individuals have the entry-level skills to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media. The two most popular Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certifications are:

 Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CC (2015) 

● Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop CC (2018)


Key Benefits of ACA certification

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)


Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is for validating expert-level skills.  An Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is a person who has demonstrated proficiency with one or more Adobe software products. It was Adobe's first and most popular certification track, intended for experienced workers in their respective industries to validate their existing knowledge and skills with their products. An education plan including Adobe ACE certification(s) can help prepare you for a range of creative design careers, such as graphic designer or web developer.


Three levels of ACE certifications


AD0-E104 Exam Is One of the Most Popular ACE Certification


AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect exam is one of the most popular ACE certification. Not only passing AD0-E104 Adobe certification exam for Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect certification, you are also required to have the following skills:


AD0-E104 Target Audience

Also, you need to choose New Adobe Experience Manager Exam AD0-E104 Practice Test as the preparation materials. Adobe AD0-E104 exam has been designed to test your capabilities within the Adobe Experience Manager world. In case you are aiming to pass AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect exam, then New Adobe Experience Manager Exam AD0-E104 Practice Test provides the right road of one's Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) advancement. 

Free AD0-E104 ACE Adobe Experience Manager Exam Questions


A customer wants to integrate an e-Commerce platform with their AEM site. Product data is stored on a separate Product Information Management (PIM) system. PIM is managed by the e-Commerce platform.

The customer has the following requirements:

- Product images need to be stored on AEM

- The customer has a central API gateway and would want to leverage that the gateway for integration

What should the Architect recommend to display product data?

A. Import all product data into AEM once and incrementally keep it up-to-date with PIM

B. Create an OSGi service to fetch Product data from PIM

C. Import all product data into AEM because the customer needs to add marketing attributes to product data

D. Use Micro Services to fetch product data to AEM at runtime and cache it for faster access

Answer: C


A customer with a static website uses an agency to centrally manage its content. 

The website is targeted for an international audience as shown in the following diagram:

 AD0-E104 Exam Questions

Which model should the Architect recommend to improve performance?

A. Publish to and cache content in the CDN

B. Use Adobe Target to deliver content in each region

C. Load balance three AEM publishers

D. Deploy an author-publisher pair in each region

Answer: A


The home page of an ecommerce site displays properly on the Author instance. The same page on the Publish instance is rendered with missing styles and fonts. It is confirmed that all necessary components, templates, client libraries, and user permissions have been replicated.

What should the Architect do to resolve the issue?

A. Use dependencies property

B. Use categories property

C. Use allowProxy property

D. Use embed property

Answer: A


A customer needs to update metadata for thousands of assets in AEM.

Which capability should be used?

A. Sling JCR APIs

B. Update Asset workflow

C. Import a CSV file

D. WebDav

Answer: C


Which technology is used to integrate Adobe Launch in AEM?

A. Adobe Analytics

B. Adobe Sensei

C. Adobe DTM

D. Adobe IO

Answer: A


A large digital agency has 10 TB of assets in their DAM where renditions for each Asset must be created without affecting performance for the authors.

Which capability should the Architect recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Create AEM multi-threaded workflow

B. Use AEM Asset Offloading

C. Update dispatcher configuration to cache Assets

D. Reduce the number of AEM Asset versions

Answer: B


A client currently licenses AEM, Abode Target, and Adobe Analytics.

The client wants to increase organizational efficiencies by enabling content producers to have the ability to create personalized experiences in AEM. They want the results to be captured in Adobe Analytics.

Which implementation strategy should the Architect recommend?

A. Configure a replication agent that points to Adobe Target and use Adobe Launch for Analytics tags on the AEM Site

B. Place Adobe Target and Analytics tags onto your AEM Site

C. Place Analytics tags on your AEM Site and the Visual Experience Composer in Target

D. Use Targeting Mode in AEM and use Analytics for Target (A4T) as the reporting source.

Answer: C


A client’s marketing pages are generally slow to load which is causing a significant drop in sales. All other AEM pages load within expected performance guidelines regardless of whether the visitor is being served the desktop or mobile experiences.

The marketing pages typically get slower when multiple external campaigns such as Facebook or AdWords drive traffic to those pages. The page performance tends to dip during high traffic periods Internal campaign clicks such as those from hero images use similar campaign codes as external campaign traffic.

What should the Architect do to resolve this issue?

A. Convert the marketing pages to a responsive design instead of an adaptive design

B. Set AEM to use GZIP compression instead of the web servers compression

C. Add a new dispatcher farm to assist with the clients marketing pages

D. Modify the dispatcher.any files section to ignore campaign-based URL parameters

Answer: B


Which option should an Architect recommend to integrate Adobe Analytics with the AEM Author instance?

A. Adobe Analytics SDK

B. Adobe Analytics Cloud Configuration

C. Adobe Launch

D. Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Answer: D


A customer with an international website has authors all over the world who work on content. Each day, a high amount of content changes are done through page editing, workflows, and translations.

Performance of the AEM Author starts off fine but degrades over time. Monitoring shows the available disk space is steadily decreasing. A health check shows that the daily maintenance jobs did not finish.

What two actions should the Architect do to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Run version and workflow purging

B. Recommend running offline Tar compaction

C. Recommend running online Tar compaction

D. Extend the daily window for online revision cleanup

E. Increase the allocated memory to AEM

Answer: CE


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