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New CMT Level II Exam Material | Killtest 2021

Jul 21,2021

The CMT exams are designed solely on the most current edition of the Official Curriculum. The CMT Level II Exam measures the candidate's competency in the application of concepts, theory, and techniques covered by the required readings. Killtest just released the latest CMT Level II exam material, which will be your best choice to prepare for CMT Association CMT Level II exam. 


New CMT Level II Exam Material


CMT Association CMT Level II Exam

The CMT Level II exam tests on the theory and analysis of applied technical analysis. The CMT Level II exam is delivered on a computer in Prometric testing facilities, or through Prometric's ProProctor remote-proctoring service. 
Number of questions: The actual CMT-Level-II exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions of which 150 are scored items. The remaining 20 questions are under trial for future use.
Duration: 4 hours

CMT Level II Exam Topics

List CMT Level II exam topics below. 

Section One: Chart Development and Analysis
Section Two: Volatility Measures in Today’s Financial Markets
Section Three: Topics in Behavioral Finance
Section Four: Statistical Applications for Technical Analysts
Section Five: Technical Methods and Market Selection
Section Six: Designing and Testing Technical Trading Systems

There are 262 Q&As in the new released CMT Level II exam material, which can help you study all the above exam topics. Share some CMT Level II exam demo questions and answers below. 
Which of the following would BEST improve the profitability of a trend-based trading system?
A. Use of additional trend periods
B. Increase the delay in taking action after a trade signal is given
C. Utilize support and resistance lines
D. Utilize candlestick charts instead of bar charts
Answer: B

What is the main impediment to making objective trading decisions?
A. Lack of complete information
B. Failing to consider trading costs
C. Conflict between technical and fundamental models
D. Emotional considerations cloud judgment
Answer: D

Which of the following would NOT be true in designing a trading system utilizing bands?
A. Buy when prices penetrate the upper band
B. Close out longs when prices reverse and go below the center of the band
C. Close out shorts when prices reverse and go below the center of the band
D. Sell when price breaks below the lower band
Answer: C

Which of the following are valid interpretations of the put-call ratio?
A. It is the major sentiment index used for options trading
B. It is used as a contrary indicator
C. Extreme levels are trading signals
D. All of the above
Answer: D

Which of the following are true of the concepts of divergence and confirmation in technical analysis
A. They are opposite concepts
B. Confirmation has a valid technical interpretation but in the case of divergence, no valid conclusion can be drawn
C. Confirmation indicates a likely change in trend since all technical indicators are in agreement
D. Divergence indicates continuation in trend since different technical indicators do not agree
Answer: A

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