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Nov 05,2020

On November 22, 2019, we got the news that JN0-210 exam has been retired. You need to register JN0-211 exam to complete your Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) certification. New Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) Exam JN0-211 Practice Test have been released at Killtest to help you take and pass Juniper JN0-211 exam successfully. Now, there are 65 practice exam questions in new Juniper JNCIA-Cloud JN0-211 exam guide. More, all the answers have been proved by the top certified experts and specialists. According to the latest reviews, New Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) Exam JN0-211 Practice Test are great for Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) candidates doing the best preparation. 


Juniper JN0-211 Practice Exam


Juniper JNCIA-Cloud Is The Associate Level For Cloud Track


Juniper certification is a multi-tiered program of written and hands-on Lab exams. Currently, there are eight certification tracks to help candidates demostrate their skills, including:

● Automation and DevOps

● Cloud

● Data Center

● Design

● Enterprise Routing and Switching

● Mist AI

● Security

● Service Provider Routing and Switching

Juniper Certification Tracks

Amony the eight certification tracks, the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Cloud Track allows participants to demonstrate competence with cloud networking architectures such as multiclouds, software-defined networking, SD-WAN, and other cloud technologies. It requires candidates to complete four exams, which are from associate level to the expert level.

Juniper Cloud Certification Track

JNCIA-Cloud certification is the associate level is designed for networking professionals with introductory-level knowledge of Juniper Networks cloud-based networking architectures, theory, and best practices. It requires to take and pass Juniper JN0-211 exam successfully.


Juniper JN0-211 Exam Tests Your Understanding of Cloud-based Networking Principles & Technologies


Come to take JN0-211 exam to complete your Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) certification now. Juniper JN0-211 exam verifies your understanding of cloud-based networking principles and technologies. Actual JN0-211 exam contain 65 multiple-choice questions, which are required to finish in 90 minutes. More, we suggest that you need to know all Juniper JN0-211 exam topics before taking Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) JN0-211 exam:

Cloud Architectures: Identify the concepts or functionality of various fundamental elements of cloud networking

NFV: Identify the concepts, benefits, or functionality of network function virtualization

SDN: Identify the concepts, operation, or functionality of software-defined networking

SDN WAN: Identify the architectural elements of Juniper Networks WAN SDN solutions

Cloud Monitoring: Identify Juniper Networks methods of analyzing cloud networking operations or devices

Cloud Managed Services: Identify Juniper Networks cloud services solutions or components

Cloud Security: Identify the concepts or functionality of securing cloud networks


JN0-211 Free Demo Questions Are Online For Checking First


After you read all the exam details above, then we highly recommend to choose New Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) Exam JN0-211 Practice Test to do the best preparation. Most candidates are still worried about the online resource, so we share Juniper JNCIA-Cloud JN0-211 free demo questions for checking first.


Which type of topology is shown in the exhibit?

A. Spine-and-leaf topology

B. Tree topology

C. ERP topology

D. Hub-and-spoke topology

Answer: A


AppFormix has been deployed in your data center using the Juniper Telemetry interface (JTI) native sensors. However, the underlay devices have not yet been set up to work with the JTI native sensors.

Which action is required for the JTI native sensors to work properly?

A. Enable the SSH on the underlay devices

B. Install the AppFormix network agent on the underlay devices

C. Enable the GPB messaging on the underlay devices

D. Enable the NETCONF over SSH on the underlay devices

Answer: C


Which statement is correct about an overlay network?

A. An overlay network requires an OSPF area

B. An overlay network requires The CLOS architectures

C. An overlay network Uses tunneling technologies

D. An overlay network Must have switches interconnected in space-leaf implementation

Answer: C


What are two protocols used by the NorthStar controller to discover the network topology? (Choose two).





Answer: B, D


You are deploying a vMX device in your network.

Which two virtualized components are required in this scenario? (choose two)

A. Virtual chassis fabric

B. Virtual forwarding plane

C. Virtual chassis port

D. Virtual control plane

Answer: B, D


What are two objectives of SDN? (Choose two).

A. Physical separation of the control plane from the data plane

B. Centralization of the forwarding plane

C. Centralization of the control plane

D. Centralization of the services plane

Answer: A, C


What are two examples of SaaS ? (choose two).

A. Google Apps

B. Amazon web services

C. Salesforce

D. IBM cloud

Answer: B, C


Which two data models are supported for the Junos Telemetry interface (JTI)? (Choose two).

A. Azure application insights

B. OpenConfig

C. Native Sensors

D. Amazon Kinesis

Answer: B, C


Which two statement are true about virtualized platforms? (Choose two).

A. The vSRX must have two vCPUs dedicated the vCP

B. The vMX uses one VM to host the vCP and vFP

C. The vMX uses separate VMs to host the vCP and vFP

D. The vSRX must have One vCPUs dedicated the vCP

Answer: C, D


You are deploying a layer 2 underlay network with 2,000 devices and hosts.

Which two statement are correct? (Choose two).

A. RSTP can used for loop prevention

B. Network routing tables can become very large and unmanageable

C. The MAC tables can become very large and unmanageable

D. RPF is used for loop prevention

Answer: A, C

0 belongs to any of them

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