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New CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ CLO-002 Practice Exam Online 2020

Feb 05,2020

New CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification has been designed to improve business acumen and equip both IT specialists and non-technical professionals with the skills they need to support their company’s cloud initiatives. It requires candidates to answer CLO-002 exam. To support all candidates of getting the valid study materials online for completing CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification, Killtest New CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ CLO-002 Practice Exam Online 2020 was released, which offer 73 questions and answers. You will pass CLO-002 CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification Exam using Killtest new CLO-002 practice exam.


Killtest CLO-002 Practice Exam


What is CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification?


CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification is a new and improved version, which is unique because it is the only internationally recognized, vendor-neutral IT certification that utilizes key business principles and fundamental cloud concepts to validate data-driven cloud recommendations. According to the CLO-002 exam description, you can find that CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ validates the candidate has the knowledge and skills required to make clear and conscious decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact by evaluating business use cases, financial impacts, cloud technologies and deployment models with knowledge of cloud computing.

That means, candidates who have completed CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification, they will be able to:

 Make essential comprehensive cloud assessments;

● Minimize security risks while making informed cloud decisions;

● Grasp new technology concepts and solutions;

● Increase a company’s efficiency and manage costs.

What is the difference between CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and CompTIA Cloud+?

One article, which introduced the Cloud Technology shown, "Migrating to and leveraging the cloud has become a top priority for many companies. To support cloud initiatives, employees across all departments, not just IT, need the skills to make operational cloud decisions." We know there are two Cloud certification issued by CompTIA, CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and CompTIA Cloud+. What is the difference between them?

We need to be clear that CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and CompTIA Cloud+ are two very different certifications. CompTIA Cloud+ is a technical certification that covers cloud implementation and is designed for IT pros, it requires at least 2 to 3 years of hands-on IT experience. However, CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ focuses on using solid financial principles to make cloud business decisions, serving both IT specialists and non-technical staff members.It requires 6 to 12 months of experience conducting business analysis in an IT cloud environment.

How to make sure that Killtest CLO-002 Practice Exam is valid?

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ was released in November of 2019. From the introduction, we can find, "Business analysts and IT pros alike are consistently called upon to assist their organization in determining which cloud service provider(s) to use, what to migrate to the cloud, and when to implement. Collecting and analyzing cloud products and services information is essential when making operational cloud business decisions. The financial and operational impacts covered by Cloud Essentials+ ensure an ability to develop and implement solid cloud strategies.CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ meets the needs of businesses and IT Pros.

Killtest also released new CLO-002 practice exam to help you prepare for CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification exam successfully. However, most candidates do not know how to make sure if Killtest CLO-002 practice exam is valid. Here, I would share CLO-002 free questions below for checking:

A company is moving to the cloud and wants to enhance the provisioning of compute, storage, security, and networking.

Which of the following will be leveraged?

A. Infrastructure as code

B. Infrastructure templates

C. Infrastructure orchestration

D. Infrastructure automation

Answer: D

Which of the following services would restrict connectivity to cloud resources?

A. Security lists

B. Firewall


D. Intrusion detection system

Answer: A

Which of the following cloud characteristics helps transform from a typical capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model?

A. Pay-as-you-go

B. Elasticity

C. Self-service

D. Availability

Answer: A

Which of the following DevOps options is used to integrate with cloud solutions?

A. Provisioning



D. Automation

Answer: B

A document that outlines the scope of a project, specific deliverables, scheduling, and additional specific details from the client/buyer is called a:

A. statement of work.

B. standard operating procedure.

C. master service document.

D. service level agreement.

Answer: D

The cloud consumer compliance team requires the IT department to patch and update cloud resources properly.

Which of the following cloud service delivery models will BEST suit this need?

A. SaaS

B. DBaaS

C. DRaaS

D. IaaS

Answer: D

Which of the following are the main advantages of using ML/AI for data analytics in the cloud as opposed to on premises? (Choose two.)

A. Cloud providers offer enhanced technical support.

B. Elasticity allows access to a large pool of compute resources.

C. The shared responsibility model offers greater security.

D. AI enables DevOps to build applications easier and faster.

E. A pay-as-you-go approach allows the company to save money.

F. ML enables DevOps to build applications easier and faster.

Answer: BE

A web application was deployed, and files are available globally to improve user experience.

Which of the following technologies is being used?





Answer: B

Volume, variety, velocity, and veracity are the four characteristics of:

A. machine learning.

B. Big Data.

C. microservice design.

D. blockchain.

E. object storage.

Answer: B

A SaaS provider specifies in a user agreement that the customer agrees that any misuse of the service will be the responsibility of the customer.

Which of the following risk response methods was applied?

A. Acceptance

B. Avoidance

C. Transference

D. Mitigation

Answer: C

0 belongs to any of them

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