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DES-5221 Practice Exam Q&A: 60 Updated: August 13,2020
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New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions | Killtest

July 01,2020

DES-5221 DELL EMC Certificaton Exam is a specialist-level test for Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking certification. As one candidate who is preparing for DES-5221 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking exam, you will be highly recommended to choose New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions to do the best exam preparation. New DES-5221 test questions at Killtest are written by experienced experts and specialists, who collected all DES-5221 exam questions and answers based on DES-5221 exam topics and skills. No need to choose other study materials online, you can be guaranteed to pass DELL EMC DES-5221 exam with Killtest New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions in the first attempt.


New DES-5221 Test Questions


DELL EMC DES-5221 Test Questions Are Based On Exam Topics & Concepts


As we promised, New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions at Killtest are based on the DES-5221 exam skills and topics. DES-5221 exam is the requirement of Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking Version 1.0 certification, which mainly validates the ability to perform intermediate skill level tasks in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Dell EMC Data Center Networking products.


Before taking and passing DES-5221 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking certification exam, you need to make sure you have completed one certification as listed as the prerequisite:

● Associate - Networking Version 1.0

● Dell Certified Associate – Networking

● Dell Certified Professional – Networking

For the two certifications, Dell Certified Associate – Networking and Dell Certified Professional – Networking, they are valid if you have earned, if you still have not completed them, they are no longer available any more. You need to choose to pass DEA-5TT1 exam and complete Associate - Networking Version 1.0 certification as prerequisite. 


DES-5221 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking exam focuses on concepts related to the Data Center environment and Dell EMC Networking’s S-Series and Z-Series products. Focus is on Dell EMC Networking SmartFabric OS10-based protocols and features. It contains four sections as follows:

● Networks – The Basics (19.6%)

● Layer-2 Technologies and Protocols (20.1%)

● Discovery Protocols - Describe the characteristics of discovery protocols; describe uses cases for using discovery protocols; explain how to configure and validate. Configure discovery protocols; interpret LLDP outputs (30.7%)

● Data Center Technologies and Protocols (29.6%)


New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions from Killtest contain 60 practice exam questions and answers, which are all based on the exam concepts and topics. It is good for reading DES-5221 test questions and you will pass DES-5221 exam successfully. 


DES-5221 Free Questions Are Highly Recommended To All Killtest DES-5221 Test Questions Candidates


Killtest is a professional website, New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions are great for preparation. Additionally, DES-5221 free questions are highly recommended to all candidates who are planning to get New Data Center Networking Specialist Exam DES-5221 Test Questions from Killtest.


Which type of protocol is OSPF and what metric does it use to determine best path?

A. Link-state protocol that uses a concept of cost as metric

B. Hybrid protocol that uses hop count as a metric

C. Path vector protocol that uses the Dijkstra algorithm as a metric

D. Distance Vector protocol that uses bandwidth and delay as metric

Answer: A


What is the function of the authentication service?

A. Validates the user identity

B. Determines switch management commands

C. Validates switch order

D. Determines which services the user is enabled to access

Answer: A


A customer reports they can no longer access their services and a network administrator has been assigned to investigate. A UFD disabled error status appears on all ports.

What caused the issue?

A. Spanning tree Loop-guard was implemented on the uplink-state group.

B. One of the upstream interfaces is an uplink-state group went down.

C. There was no issue; this is normal behavior.

D. Both a port channel and its members were assigned to an uplink-state group.

Answer: A


What is an advantage of UFD?

A. Reduces connectivity loss.

B. Detects the loss of downstream connectivity.

C. Reduces network complexity.

D. Prevents the loss of upstream connectivity.

Answer: D


Which best describes traffic flow in a campus network environment?

A. North-East

B. South-West

C. East-West

D. North-South

Answer: C


Which command is used to create a non-default VRF instance?

A. ip vrf

B. ip vrf forwarding new-vrf

C. ip vrf forwarding vrf-test

D. interface ethernet 1/1/1

Answer: A


How does a DHCP Client make a request to a DHCP server following an offer?

A. Multicast


C. Broadcast

D. Unicast

Answer: D


To which IEEE standard are dynamic LAGs compliant on Dell EMC Networking OS10 switches?

A. 802.3af

B. 802.3ad

C. 802.3ac

D. 802.3ae

Answer: B


When configuring a vrf instance for the management interface that has been in use, what step must be done first to configure it?

A. Configure a management route

B. Remove the default route

C. Remove all configured settings

D. Configure an IP Address

Answer: C


Using the MAC 8c-ec-4b-5b-61-9d, what is a valid EUI-64 link local address?

A. 2001::a9:8eec:4bff:fc5b:619d

B. fe80::a9:8cec:4bff:fe5b:619d

C. ff80:a9:8eec:4bff:fe5b:619d

D. fe80::a9:8eec:4bff:fe5b:619d

Answer: B

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