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New HCIA-Data Center Facility H12-411-ENU Exam Questions 2019

May 13,2019

It must be good news for all HCIA-Data Center Facility H12-411-ENU exam candidates, Killtest offers valid H12-411-ENU exam questions to ensure that you can pass HCIA-Data Center Facility(Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Data Center Facility) certification exam. Recently, we got the latest reviews, which can prove that Killtest H12-411-ENU exam questions are the valid materials. He got 950 scores for passing his H12-411-ENU HCIA-Data Center Facility certification exam after he read all Killtest H12-411-ENU exam questions and answers. So if you are preparing for HCIA-Data Center Facility certification exam, you will be guaranteed to pass it with Killtest new HCIA-Data Center Facility H12-411-ENU Exam Questions.


What is the correct exam name of H12-411-ENU, HCNA-DCF or HCIA-Data Center Facility?


Most candidates do not know, what is the correct exam name of Huawei H12-411-ENU exam, HCNA-DCF or HCIA-Data Center Facility? Actually, both the two are the correct H12-411-ENU exam name. HCNA-DCF is the old name. However, Huawei upgrade the categories and architectures in February 2019. Most HCNA exams are upgraded to HCIA and HCNP to HCIP. Based on the upgrade, HCIA-Data Center Facility is the new name of H12-411-ENU exam. I suggest you search all the details with the new keyword H12-411-ENU HCIA-Data Center Facility certification exam now.


Is there any update for the exam outline and key points of H12-411-ENU exam?


I just compared the new and old exam outline and key points, it seems the exam name and passing score changed, other are the same as before. Now the passing score of H12-411-ENU exam is 750/100. And also, I would like to collect the new exam outline and key points for you:

H12-411-ENU exam details


How can I know the quality of Killtest H12-411-ENU exam questions?


Killtest shared the reviews of H12-411-ENU exam questions to prove that New HCIA-Data Center Facility H12-411-ENU Exam Questions is valid in 2019, which ensure your success in HCIA-Data Center Facility certification exam. More, Killtest wants to share H12-411-ENU exam demo questions below for your checking:


The function of the wind system is to properly organize the flow of indoor air so that the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the air in the indoor work area can better meet the technical requirements and human comfort requirements.



Answer: A


CLF (Cooling Load Factor) is defined as the ratio of the data center cooling equipment power consumption and IT equipment power consumption.



Answer: A


For the same MCB circuit breaker, the rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Icu is generally less than the rated operating short-circuits breaking capacity Ics.



Answer: B


In air-conditioning systems, the role of ( ) is to cool the high-temperature and high-pressure gas discharged from the compressor by using water-cooled or air-cooled to release heat to the outside world.

A. Evaporator

B. Condenser

C. compressor

D. Expansion valve

Answer: B


What throttle devices does Huawei air-cooled precision air conditioning use? (Multiple choice)

A. Solenoid valve

B. Thermal expansion valve

C. Electronic expansion valve

D. Orifice

Answer: BC


In air conditioning systems, the role of the oil separator is to separate the lubricant from the compressor discharge and return the separated lubricant to the compressor.



Answer: A


pPUE (Partial PUE) is an extension of the data center PUE, used to evaluate and analyzing the energy efficiency of a data center's local area or equipment.



Answer: A


The following () circuit breakers are typically low voltage circuit breakers for IT loads.





Answer: C


The following ( ) is the correct description of 6 fixed VRLA single battery series. The rated capacity is 150Ah.

A. 150-GFM-6

B. 6-GMF-150

C. 6-GFM-150

D. MF-150

Answer: C


The following ( ) air supply methods are mainly applicable to the craft air conditioners in lower work area where there is a large amount of waste heat to be taken away.

A. middle air-supply

B. upper supply and bottom return

C. bottom supply and upper return

D. bottom supply and bottom return

Answer: C


So come to Killtest for your New HCIA-Data Center Facility H12-411-ENU Exam Questions to complete your exam in 2019 at once. Now, Killtest shares 37% discount every Friday online, to save your valuable time and money.


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H12-411-ENU Practice Exam Q&A: 185 Updated: May 23,2022

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