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PSD Professional Scrum Developer Study Guides | Killtest 2021

September 03,2021

Professional Scrum Developer test can help you validate your knowledge of how to build complex software products using Scrum. We all know that Professional Scrum Developer are members of the Scrum Development Team and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Scrum and their ability to build software using Scrum in real-world situations. Killtest new released Professional Scrum Developer study guides will be your best preparation material to pass PSD exam. All the related PSD exam information is also helpful in your preparation. 


PSD Professional Scrum Developer Study Guides


PSD Professional Scrum Developer Exam

PSD Professional Scrum Developer exam details are available below. 
Fee: $200 USD per attempt
Passing score: 85%
Time limit: 60 minutes 
Number of Questions: 80
Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False
Language: English only

Scrum PSD Exam Knowledge Areas

List Scrum certification PSD exam knowledge areas below. 

Developing & Delivering Products Professionally
Backlog Refinement, Cross-functional, Self-managed Development, Design & Architecture, Documentation, Programming, Quality, Testing.

Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework
Empiricism, Scrum Values, Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts, Done.

Developing People and Teams
Self-Managing Teams, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring.

Managing Products with Agility
Forecasting & Release Planning, Product Value, Product Backlog Management, Stakeholders & Customers.

All the PSD exam questions and answers can help you test all the above knowledge areas. Share some Professional Scrum Developer study guides below. 
How long is the daily scrum?
A. The scrum master ends the meeting when it is done
B. Around 15 minutes, but more if necessary
C. At least 15 minutes
D. This is for the developers to decide
E. At most 15 minutes
Answer: E

The practice of decomposing a requirement into failing tests is called:
A. Regression testing
B. Scrum testing
C. Acceptance test driven development
D. Behavior driven development
Answer: C

Which of the following best describe continuous integration?
A. A software development practice where developers integrate and verify their work frequently, often multiple times a day, to detect integration errors as quickly as possible
B. A software development practice used by integration teams to create best practice branching and merging strategies
C. A software development practice where developers all work on the same computer to assure a common codebase
D. A software development practice that continuously integrates feedback from users in the software design
Answer: A

What is the commitment for the sprint backlog?
A. Sprint planning outcome
B. Product goal
C. Sprint goal
D. Definition of done
Answer: C

The developers should have all the skills needed to:
A. Create a potentially releasable increment from the product backlog items
B. Complete the work in the within the foreseen time and costs
C. Do all the work except for deployment
Answer: A

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