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Real SPLK-1003 Exam Questions - Pass Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Exam Successfully

Mar 30,2022

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Real SPLK-1003 Exam Questions - Killtest


Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Exam (SPLK-1003) Is The Upper-Level Certification Exam


Splunk certifications are the popular IT programs, which are an IT industry standard designed to validate knowledge of and demonstrate proficiency with Splunk’s universal machine data platform. All the Splunk certifications are ranged from entry-level to expert and were created to help candidates succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace. Among all the Splunk certifications, Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification track is the upper-level one, which proves the candidate is a Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin who can manage various components of Splunk Enterprise on a daily basis, including license management, indexers and search heads, configuration, monitoring, and getting data into Splunk. The Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification demonstrate an individual's ability to support the day-to-day administration and health of a Splunk Enterprise environment. 


For more, what are the steps of getting the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification? It is required to have the active Splunk Core Certified Power User certification as the prerequisite. Then passing the SPLK-1003 Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam is the final step to towards completion of the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification. For preparing SPLK-1003 Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam, you will be recommended to complete the following courses:

● Splunk Enterprise System Administration: Focus on administrators who manage a Splunk Enterprise environment

● Splunk Enterprise Data Administration: Provide content about Splunk forwarders and methods to get remote data into Splunk.


Actual Splunk SPLK-1003 exam contains 56 real questions for answering in 57 minutes. Candidates can expect an additional 3 minutes to review the exam agreement, for a total seat time of 60 minutes. SPLK-1003 exam main evaluates your knowledge and skills to manage various components of Splunk on a daily basis, including the health of the Splunk installation. Including the two courses recommended, you should choose real SPLK-1003 exam questions to practice all SPLK-1003 questions and answers for answering actual SPLK-1003 exam smoothly.


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How is data handled by Splunk during the input phase of the data ingestion process?

A. Data is treated as streams.

B. Data is broken up into events.

C. Data is initially written to disk.

D. Data is measured by the license meter. 

Answer: A 


What conf file needs to be edited to set up distributed search groups?

A. props.conf

B. search.conf

C. distsearch.conf

D. distibutedsearch.conf

Answer: C 


Which of the following is accurate regarding the input phase?

A. Breaks data into events with timestamps.

B. Applies event-level transformations.

C. Fine-tunes metadata.

D. Performs character encoding.

Answer: D


Which Splunk forwarder type allows parsing of data before forwarding to an indexer?

A. Universal forwarder

B. Parsing forwarder

C. Heavy forwarder

D. Advanced forwarder

Answer: C


In which scenario would a Splunk Administrator want to enable data integrity check when creating an index?

A. To ensure that hot buckets are still open for writes and have not been forced to roll to a cold state

B. To ensure that configuration files have not been tampered with for auditing and/or legal purposes

C. To ensure that user passwords have not been tampered with for auditing and/or legal purposes.

D. To ensure that data has not been tampered with for auditing and/or legal purposes

Answer: D


You update a props. conf file while Splunk is running. You do not restart Splunk and you run this command: splunk btoo1 props list —debug.

What will the output be?

A. list of all the configurations on-disk that Splunk contains.

B. A verbose list of all configurations as they were when splunkd started.

C. A list of props. conf configurations as they are on-disk along with a file path from which the configuration is located

D. A list of the current running props, conf configurations along with a file path from which the configuration was made

Answer: C 


Which Splunk component requires a Forwarder license?

A. Search head

B. Heavy forwarder

C. Heaviest forwarder

D. Universal forwarder

Answer: B


Using the CLI on the forwarder, how could the current forwarder to indexer configuration be viewed?

A. splunk btool server list --debug

B. splunk list forward-indexer

C. splunk list forward-server

D. splunk btool indexes list --debug

Answer: C


After how many warnings within a rolling 30-day period will a license violation occur with an enforced Enterprise license?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: D 


A new forwarder has been installed with a manually created deploymentclient.conf.

What is the next step to enable the communication between the forwarder and the deployment server?

A. Restart Splunk on the deployment server.

B. Enable the deployment client in Splunk Web under Forwarder Management.

C. Restart Splunk on the deployment client.

D. Wait for up to the time set in the phoneHomeIntervalInSecs setting.

Answer: A


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