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Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 Study Guides

Nov 17,2021

Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 exam is for those who have foundational skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop and at least three months of applying this understanding in the product. Killtest released the latest Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 study guides, which are the best material for you to study this Tableau TDS-C01 exam. If you are preparing for your TDS-C01 exam, all the related Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 exam information is helpful in your preparation. 


Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 Study Guides


Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 Exam Information

Tableau TDS-C01 exam information is helpful for you to study the test first. 
Time Limit: 60 minutes (includes 3 minutes for reviewing the NDA).
Question Format: Multiple choice, Multiple response
Number of Questions: 45 (40 scored, 5 unscored)
Passing Score: The passing scaled score for the Desktop Specialist exam is 750.
Language(s) Offered: English
Exam Delivery Provider: Pearson VUE

Tableau TDS-C01 Exam Content Outline

List Tableau certification TDS-C01 exam content outline below. 
Domain 1: Connecting to & Preparing Data 25%
Domain 2: Exploring & Analyzing Data 35%
Domain 3: Sharing Insights 25%
Domain 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts 15% 

With Killtest new relased Tableau TDS-C01 exam study guides, you can learn the above Tableau Desktop Specialist TDS-C01 exam content outline well. Share some Tableau TDS-C01 exam demo questions and answers below. 
Which of the following is the best reason to use an extract instead of a live connection?
A. Your data source only supports a live connection via ODBC.
B. You need to refresh the data as often as possible.
C. You need to apply an aggregation that takes a very long time when using a live connection.
D. You need to join tables in the data source.
Answer: C

You created a group by using field labels in a view. You need to remove several members from a group. What should you do?
A. From the view, right-click the group members and select Exclude.
B. From the Data pane, right-click the group and select Edit Group.
C. From the view, right-click the group members and select Format.
D. From the color legend, right-click the group members and select Format legends.
Answer: B

Which two interactive elements can you add to a dashboard?
A. URL actions
B. Edit tooltip options
C. Filter actions
D. Hide and unhide all sheet options
Answer: AC

What type of field would display the average value of homes in the United States for the calendar year 2020?
A. A discrete date part dimension
B. A continuous date value dimension
C. A geographical dimension
D. An aggregated measure
Answer: D

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