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H13-821 Practice Exam Q&A: 394 Updated: August 12,2020
H13-821-ENU Practice Exam Q&A: 246 Updated: August 12,2020
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HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect

Updated H13-821 Practice Questions For HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect Certification

July 28,2020

Huawei HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect evaluates a learner's understanding of cloud-native concepts and PaaS basics, as well as their ability to operate PaaS products. Are you still worrying about your HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification exam? If yes, you will be highly recommended to choose the most updated Huawei H13-821 practice questions to prepare for your HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification. New H13-821 exam questions V9.02 contain 395 practice exam questions and answers, which are the latest for HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification exam. You will be guaranteed to pass H13-821 HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification exam with the great preparation materials in the first attempt.


Updated H13-821-ENU Exam Questions


HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect Is The Professional Level OF Huawei Cloud Service Certification


Huawei Cloud Service Certification is a popular certification under Huawei Platform and Service Certification, which contains three-level certifications.

Huawei Cloud Service Certification


HCIA-Cloud Service


HCIA-Cloud Service mainly tests your ability to operate and configure using Huawei cloud computing services, storage services, network services, security services, database services, and monitoring services. It requires you to take and pass H13-811 exam successfully.


HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect


HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification certifies that you have mastered the theoretical foundation of cloud architecture design of the traditional applications or architecture design of cloud-native applications, and be familiar with industry innovation technologies and Huawei cloud solutions. It requires you to take and pass H13-821 exam smoothly.


HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect


HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect is designed for specialists who want to be capable of managing complex enterprise IT systems on HUAWEI CLOUD from end to end, including architecture planning and design, deployment and O&M, and migration of application systems to HUAWEI CLOUD. It will prove that you:

 have mastered theories of designing and deploying scalable service architectures on HUAWEI CLOUD

 will be capable of architecture design, service selection, application reconstruction, multi-dimensional O&M, security hardening, and cloud migration

 will be competent for cloud system architects and cloud migration expert positions


HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification requires that you have to complete three exams as shown:

HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect Certification Exams


H13-821 HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect Exam Is Available In English And Chinese


When preparing for HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification, you need to take and pass H13-821 exam successfully. H13-821 exam costs 300USD, which is available in Englis and Chinese. 


H13-821 Exam Details


So when you searching H13-821 exam at Killtest, you will find two pages for HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification. H13-821 is for Chinese version, H13-821-ENU is for English version. You can choose your version as required. 


In addition, Huawei H13-821 HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect exam includes Enterprise IT Evolution, Cloud Architecture Analysis of Conventional Application, Cloud Native Application Architecture, Innovative Technologies in the Industry and HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions, HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions.


Huawei H13-821 Exam Key Points


Killtest Huawei H13-821 practice exam questions were updated based on the Huawei HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification exam key points. Using Killtest H13-821 exam questions to prepare for your HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect certification exam, you will pass H13-821 exam smoothly.


H13-821-ENU Free Demo Questions Are Highly Recommended To Read First


If still worrying about the most updated H13-821 practice questions at Killtest, you are highly recommended to read the Huawei H13-821-ENU free demo questions first. Below are H13-821 free demo questions of Killtest updated H13-821 practice exam questions.


Which of the following functions can be done with the MicroService Cloud Application Platform (ServiceStage)? (Multiple Choice)

A. Create an application dependent computing resource

B. Use AOS templates automate application orchestration 

C. View application index

D. Online visualization upgrade application

E. Container application needs to build a container management platform on Service Storage, for example, you need to set up kubernetes to manage the docker container application.

Answer: ABCD


The CI/CD pipeline in the software development cloud (DevCloud) can help developers automatically complete the following operations: (Multiple Choice)

A. Application build

B. Application automation test

C. Application operation and maintenance and fault recovery

D. Application deployment

Answer: ABD


What is the role of the Dockerfile used when compiling and building in the Software Development Cloud (DevCloud)?

A. Make an application image

B. Cloud user authentication

C. Manage project dependencies

D. Save configuration parameters

Answer: A


Huawei Cloud Application Performance Management Service uses bytecode enhancement technology to implement non-intrusive collection of user application performance metrics. Users deploy a C-developed application on Huawei Cloud, or use Huawei Cloud Application Performance Management Service to analyze its performance issues.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


The TP99 delay is the low time required to satisfy 99% of network requests.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A


ICAgent is the collection agent of APM. It runs on the elastic cloud server where the application is located. It is used to collect monitoring data such as topology and call chain in real time. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A. Non-intrusive data collection through JVM bytecode technology, users do not need to modify the business code

B. The application online through the Services tage can automatically complete the deployment of the acquisition probe

C. The resource overhead of each acquisition probe is minimal and will not affect the business.

D. Support data collection for applications developed in C language

Answer: D


Which of the following are the application scenarios of Huawei Cloud APM (Application Performance Management Service)? (Multiple Choice)

A. Analyze transaction status through Apdex values

B. Use templates to deploy applications to the cloud in one click

C. Track the root cause of the problem by calling the chain

D. Master the application health through the topology map

Answer: ACD


If you deploy an e-commerce website on Huawei Cloud, in order to benefit the old customers and prepare for a one-day big sale, what preparations should the operation and maintenance personnel prepare on Huawei Cloud in advance? (Multiple Choice)

A. Use pressure measurement service Cloud Eys of Huawei Cloud to exercise the high-traffic service capability of the website in advance.

B. Add the metrics that need to be viewed in the routine operation and maintenance to the dashboard, to grasp the global situation in real time.

C. Set threshold alarms for key application performance indicators of the website, and automatically notify the operation and maintenance personnel of the alarms.

D. Prepare resources in advance. Set the elastic expansion group to increase capacity as the resource usage increases during the promotion process.

Answer: BCD


Threshold alarm detects the upper and lower limits set by the index defined in the threshold rule, if the trigger condition is reached, an alarm message is sent, and a customized action is performed at the same time, and the current alarm on the Huawei cloud can be notified by which way to operation & maintenance personnel? (Multiple Choice)


B. Mail

C. WeChat


Answer: AB


The Huawei cloud application performance management service completes application performance data collection by installing a collection agent on the node where the application is located. The collection agent is based on the industry's Pinpoint open source project, which uses the JVM bytecode enhancement technology to achieve non-intrusive collection of application indicators. Which of the following technology stack development applications does APM not support?


B. Tomcat

C. C++

D. Spring

Answer: C


The goal of Huawei Cloud's three-dimensional operation and maintenance is to control the operating status of the system in an all-round way and respond quickly to various problems. Which of the following are the details? (Multiple Choice)

A. Monitor the running status of IaaS layer resources

B. Focus only on the operational status of the Paas layer application

C. Master the running status of the application deployed on Paas, support the tracking of faults and performance problems, and facilitate the positioning of operation and maintenance personnel.

D. Manage the user's experience guarantee and monitor the running of the service in real time.

Answer: ACD


Which of the following is within the scope of the microservice self-organizing team? (Multiple Choice)

A. Constantly identify bottlenecks in delivery, quickly verify and optimize in a lean manner, and run small steps

B. You Build it, You Run it small team, complete the analysis, development, testing, deployment and operation of services

C. Organize team design, development, testing and other roles, clear division of labor, each division

D. Conway's Law - The design (architecture) of a product or system is constrained by the communication structure of its production organization

Answer: ABD


Which of the following is not a programming model supported by the CSE microservice development framework?




D. SpringMVC

Answer: A


Which of the following is the goal of the microservices engine CSE?

A. Microservice operation and maintenance lifecycle management

B. Microservice online lifecycle management

C. Microservice Development Lifecycle Management

D. Microservice product lifecycle management

Answer: D


In the micro-services guidance, what information needs to be configured before the local service is started to enable the micro-service to be successfully registered to the service center on Huawei?

A. Monitoring Center Address

B. Configure Central Address

C. AK/SK and other certification information

D. handler

Answer: C


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