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Updated ITIL 4 Foundation Study Guide To Ensure You Pass ITILFND_V4 Exam Successfully

Dec 14,2022

Most IT students choose to complete the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. This certification introduces an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services. IT students and professionals are eager to be a certified professional to prove that they have related skills and knowledge of the ITIL 4 Foundation, also show that they have abilities to completed the relavent work with their certified skills. Then you can come to Killtest to choose the most updated ITIL 4 Foundation study guide to prepare for the ITILFND_V4 exam properly. Using the valid ITILFND_V4 exam questions of Killtest for the ITIL 4 Foundation Exam is the best way to pass the exam successfully.

Updated ITILFND_V4 Study Guide

What are the ITIL 4 Foundation ITILFND_V4 exam details?

ITILFND_V4 ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam is high-demanded program for anyone who needs to understand the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery, and who is interested in helping their organization embrace the new service management culture. It will provide the candidate with an understanding of the ITIL 4 service management framework and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and ways of working. Real ITILFND_V4 exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions. Candidates will have 60 minutes to answer all these questions. Candidates taking the exam in a language that is not their native or working language may be awarded 25% extra time, i.e. 75 minutes in total. The passing score should be 65%. Learning outcomes are below to ensure that you know the ITIL 4 Foundation ITILFND_V4 exam well:

● Understand the key concepts of service management

● Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management

● Understand the four dimensions of service management

● Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system

● Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect

● Know the purpose and key terms of ITIL practices

● Understand ITIL practices

How to check the updated ITILFND_V4 exam questions of Killtest?

These ITIL 4 Foundation exam questions and answers cover all the topics of the ITILFND_V4 test. The experts have verified the Q&As to ensure the validity of the updated ITILFND_V4 study guide. Learn all the ITILFND_V4 exam questions and answers to take your ITIL 4 Foundation confidently. 

The Features of Killtest ITILFND_V4 Exam Questions

Exam Code: ITILFND_V4

Exam Name: ITIL 4 Foundation

Exam Version: V16.02

Exam Q&As: 71

Exam Formats: PDF & Software

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What is the value of a service?

A. A result for a stakeholder enabled by the outputs of the service

B. A tangible or intangible deliverable of the service

C. The amount of money that is created or saved for the service consumers by using the service

D. The benefits, usefulness, or importance of the service, as perceived by the stakeholders

Answer: D

Which is the MOST LIKELY way of resolving major incidents?

A. A support team following detailed procedures for investigating the incident

B. Users establishing a resolution using self-help

C. A temporary teamworking together to identify a resolution

D. The service desk identifying the cause and a resolution

Answer: C

What is the CORRECT order for the three phases of problem management?

A. Problem identification, problem control error control

B. Error control, problem control, problem identification

C. Problem identification, error control, problem control

D. Problem control, error control, problem identification

Answer: A

Which value chain activity ensures that ongoing service activity meets user expectations?

A. Plan

B. Deliver and support

C. Engage

D. Obtain/build

Answer: B

What is included in the purpose of the IT asset management' practice?

A. Making new and changed assets available for use

B. Supporting decision-making about purchase, re-use, retirement, and disposal of assets

C. Providing information on how assets are configured and the relationships between them

D. Moving assets to live or other environments for testing or staging

Answer: B

Which component is focused on the activities need ed by an organization to help it co-create value?

A. Practices

B. Continual improvement

C. Service value chain

D. Guiding principles

Answer: C

Why and how is a user MOST LIKELY to contact the service desk?

A. To discuss the cause of an incident via a phone call

B. To request access to a resource via a self service portal

C. To authorize an emergency change via live chat

D. To report a problem using a mobile app

Answer: A

Which is the cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents?

A. A known error

B. A problem

C. A change

D. An event

Answer: B

Which guiding principle recommends using ideas from ITIL, Lean, Dev Ops, Kanban, and other sources to help drive improvements?

A. Focus on value

B. Start where you are

C. Think and work holistically

D. Optimize and automate

Answer: D

What is used as a tool to help define and measure performance?

A. An incident record

B. A continual improvement register

C. A service level agreement

D. A change schedule

Answer: C

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