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1D0-621 Practice Exam Q&A: 54 Updated: May 31,2020
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CIW User Interface Designer

User Interface Designer Exam - Real 1D0-621 Practice Exam Questions | Killtest

November 07,2019

In recent three days, there are 14 candidates came to get real 1D0-621 practice exam questions to prepare for User Interface Designer Exam. You can find how popular the User Interface Designer Exam 1D0-621 is. 1D0-621 User Interface Designer Exam is a hot CIW certification exam, which is the second course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. If pass 1D0-621 exam successfully, you will earn the individual the CIW User Interface Designer certification. Killtest provides real 1D0-621 practice exam questions with real exam questions and accurate answers for passing User Interface Designer Exam in the first try.


1D0-621 Real Exam Questions


Certified Internet Web Professional(CIW) Certification Overviews


Wikipedia introduced, " The Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) education program was created by a community of Web designers and developers in the late 1990s. Over 145,000 CIW certifications have been issued since 1997. This number represents roughly 120,000 individuals worldwide." You can find that CIW is a hot certification for Information Technology (IT), which is the leading vendor-neutral certification series, creating specific IT career paths for students and professionals of all ages.


Since the mid-1990’s, CIW has delivered over 1 million courses with over 210,000 Certifications granted. Over the years, CIW Certifications have gained significant industry and governmental recognition for delivering requisite skills for careers in both IT and management leadership. CIW is now recognized in more than 90 countries as an industry standard in IT education and certification. There are 5 series belong to CIW certifications:

 Web Foundations Series

● Web and Mobile Design Series

● Web Design Series

● Web Development Series

● Web Security Series


Web Foundations Series


The CIW Web Foundations series consists of three foundational courses and corresponding certification exams that teach and validate more than mere digital literacy skills. The CIW Web Foundations series is the most popular vendor-neutral Web education program in the world. Individuals who have completed all three Foundations courses have mastered more than mere digital literacy skills: They have a unique understanding of Internet business, data networking and Web site design.


CIW Web Foundations series


Web and Mobile Design Series


Become a Certified CIW Web and Mobile Design Professional can prove their work skills in the areas of Web design, Social Media strategy, Multimedia, Mobile Applications, E-commerce, and Data analysis. Certified CIW Web and Mobile Design Professionals must be able to develop and maintain Web sites using authoring and scripting languages, create content and digital media, devise and employ social media strategies, employ standards and technologies for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce Web sites, create mobile applications, and conduct data analysis. Due to changes in the Web design industry, the Web Design Specialist and the E-Commerce Specialist courses are presently being updated and have now expanded into a brand new series with 7 brand new courses, resulting in a complete redesign of the entire series.  


The 7 brand new CIW Web and Mobile Design series are being released in the order listed below:

● CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist

● CIW User Interface Designer

● CIW Social Media Strategist

● CIW Multimedia Specialist

● CIW Mobile Application Developer

● CIW E-Commerce Services Specialist

● CIW Data Analyst


Web Design Series


CIW Web Design Series is ideal for any entry-level and more experienced professionals who work in the fields of Web site design, e-commerce and graphic design, as well as entrepreneurs who want to be able to develop and manage their business online.


CIW Web Design Series

As shown in the figure, the Web Design series consists of two specialist certifications and one professional certification. Each of these certifications can be earned separately and has a corresponding course that prepares candidates to take the certification exams. Candidates who earn both of these certifications are awarded the comprehensive CIW Web Design Professional certification as well.


Web Development Series


CIW Web Development Series is for the candidates who want to specialize in JavaScript, Perl or databases. It consists of three specialist courses and corresponding certification exams:


Web Development Series


Being a CIW Web Development Professional, you will demonstrate to employers your ability to develop Web programs and applications, and to work with relational databases.


Web Security Series


CIW Web Security Series consists of one CIW course and corresponding CIW certification exam, plus advanced CIW credentials that you can obtain by earning additional certifications from third-party security training providers. Whichever level of expertise you aim for, you can demonstrate to employers that you have the technical skills and knowledge to manage and protect the security of online data, from a single computer to an entire corporate network.


Web Security Series

The most important thing is CIW has partnered with ISC2, CompTIA and many others to make advanced CIW certifications available to interested candidates. Those who earn the CIW Web Security Associate can submit proof of additional security credentials to be awarded the more advanced CIW Web Security Specialist and CIW Web Security Professional certifications.


CIW User Interface Designer is the second course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design Series


1D0-621 exam is for CIW User Interface Designer Certification, which is the the second course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design Series as we mention above. In CIW User Interface Designer, you can learn:

● About the strategies and tactics necessary to design user interfaces, with particular emphasis on creating user interfaces for mobile devices. 

● How to apply essential usability concepts, including clarity, ease of use, simplicity, and detectability. 

● How information obtained from the client, sales, and marketing is utilized to design and develop compelling visual experience Web sites for multiple platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

● About wireframes, color schemes, tones, design templates, formatting, and typography.

● To build upon your abilities to implement user analysis techniques, usability testing procedures and the vital role of testing to publish and maintain a Web site. 

● Branding considerations and responsive design implementation in relation to the user interface design of Web sites.


These should be the reason for so many candidates taking 1D0-621 exam for CIW User Interface Designer certification. 


1D0-621 User Interface Designer Exam Requires You Answer 54 Real Questions Correctly


1D0-621 User Interface Designer Exam is aimed at Web designers, Internet consultants, IT professionals, Marketing professionals, Web and graphic artists and Business professionals. As one of the candidates who is preparing for 1D0-621 User Interface Designer Exam, you need to answer 54 real questions correctly to ensure that you can pass User Interface Designer Exam easily. Before registering 1D0-621 exam, all the exam details are suggested to be clear.




● CIW Site Development Associate or equivalent knowledge

● CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist or equivalent knowledge


Exam Details


Certification Name: User Interface Designer

Exam ID: 1D0-621

Number of Questions: 54

Passing Score: 74.07%

Time Limit: 75 minutes


Exam Objectives


Domain 1: User Interface Design Projects 

Domain 2: User Interface Design Process 

Domain 3: User Centered Web Design 

Domain 4: User Interface Design Principles

Domain 5: Color, Typography, Layout, and Wireframing 

Domain 6: Designing a Basic Web Page User Interface 

Domain 7: Web Site Navigation Concepts 

Domain 8: Designing an Interactive Web Page User Interface 

Domain 9: User Interface Design and SEO Strategies 

Real 1D0-621 Practice Exam Questions from Killtest covers each domain of User Interface Designer Exam. All 1D0-621 exam questions and answers are researched and produced by IT professional certification experts and specialists who are constantly using industry experience to organize the most precise, accurate and logical study materials. Killtest 1D0-621 practice exam will help you not only pass 1D0-621 exam, but also save your valuable time.

User Interface Designer Exam - Real 1D0-621 Practice Exam Questions | Killtest

Killtest provides Real 1D0-621 Practice Exam Questions, which contains the most comprehensive 1D0-621 exam questions and answers. It must be clear that 1D0-621 practice exam from Killtest is real. The 1D0-621 exam questions and answers are based on the real exam objectives and test tasks, which are great for passing 1D0-621 CIW User Interface Designer exam. 

Before getting Real 1D0-621 Practice Exam Questions, Check Free Demo First

Web development is a collaborative process.
Which of the following is an example of a benefit from collaborative design?
A. Customer recognition
B. Increased time for development
C. The ability to show off a skill set
D. Employee satisfaction
Answer: A

Dylan is trying to decide where to host his small personal website. He thinks his best option would be to get a Web site hosting account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Which of the following is a reason that would support this decision?
A. Hosting with an ISP is the only way to ensure that a site is available to all users worldwide.
B. ISPs often offer a large selection of Web applications at no extra charge.
C. Hosting your site with an ISP ensures your site is validated to W3C standards.
D. An ISP will often block a site from loading if it is self-hosted, due to security concerns.
Answer: C

What is an advantage of the mind mapping approach to brainstorming?
A. It better captures and represents brainstorming ideas in the way that your brain conceives of them.
B. Creating a mind map on a computer program computer fosters an immediate connection to the hand, brain, and map contents.
C. It helps to guide your thoughts on a clear path by representing your ideas in an organized, linear fashion.
D. Computer based mind mapping software tools generates an accurate site.
Answer: A

You are building an educational games website for children. You have determined that your users respond best to large, colorful, easy-to-read buttons to navigate through the site. You've created a prototype of the navigation element, and want to make sure it meets your user's needs.
What kind of testing should be performed at this stage?
A. Positional testing
B. Responsiveness testing
C. Usability testing
D. Functional testing
Answer: D

Rebecca is registering for her Web site hosting account and has been prompted to pick a strong password. It must include letters, numbers, special characters, and be at least 8 charterers long.
What kind of security threat is her Internet Service Provider trying to prevent with this requirement?
A. SQL injection
B. Denial of Service (DOS) attack
C. Brute-force attack
D. Social engineering
Answer: C

When a new user visits your proprietary site, what is typically the first method of interaction with them?
A. A welcome e-mail message
B. A registration form allowing access to the site
C. Log file entry notifying you of new visitor activity
D. Shopping cart activity
Answer: C

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