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VCAP-CMA Design 2021 3V0-732 Exam will be Retired on July 31, 2021

Jul 23,2021

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7-Cloud Management and Automation Design Exam 3V0-732 test will be retired on July 31, 2021, and the new replacement test is 3V0-32.21 Advanced Design VMware Cloud Management and Automation. If you intend to earn VCAP-CMA Design 2021 certification, you need to take 3V0-32.21 exam from August 1, 2021. VCAP-CMA Design 2021 certification validates your ability to design and integrate vRealize Automation solutions within your large enterprise environments. Killtest provides the latest VMware 3V0-732 exam questions, which can benefit you more. 


VCAP-CMA Design 2021 3V0-732 Exam will be Retired on July 31, 2021


VMware 3V0-732 Exam

VMware certification 3V0-732 exam tests your ability to design a vRealize Automation 7.2 solution by validating product and technical knowledge as well as the ability to analyze, evaluate, and create solutions.
Number of questions: 60
Duration: 135 minutes
Passing score: 300
Format: Proctored multiple choice, drag and drop, matching, hot area
Price: $450

VCAP-CMA Design 2021 3V0-732 Exam Topics

List VMware VCAP-CMA Design 2021 3V0-732 exam topics below. 
Section 1 - Create a vRealize Automation Conceptual Design
Section 2 - Create a vRealize Automation Logical Design
Section 3 - Design a vRealize Automation Management Infrastructure
Section 4 - Design vRealize Automation Tenants
Section 5 - Create a vRealize Automation Resource Design
Section 6 - Create a vRealize Automation Blueprint Design
Section 7 - Complete an Extensibility Design
Section 8 - Complete a Catalog Design

Killtest new cracked VMware certification 3V0-732 exam questions can help you study the above VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7-Cloud Management and Automation Design Exam 3V0-732 objectives. Share with you some VCAP-CMA Design 2021 3V0-732 exam demo questions and answers below. 
Which three privileges are assigned to a fabric administrator in a vRealize Automation solution? (Choose three.)
A. create reservations for any tenant that uses their fabric group
B. manage property groups and machine prefixes and the property dictionary that are used across all tenants and business groups
C. define cost profiles for compute resources of their fabric group
D. manage physical machines and compute resources assigned to the fabric group
E. create and manage the reservations and policies associated with the physical resources for their fabric group
Answer: BCE

The security team at a company wants to allow architects to leverage existing and on-demand security components for their vSphere environment.What are the minimum infrastructure components and/or extensibility add-ons required to achieve this goal?
A. One vSphere and one NSX endpoint, plus the NSX plug-in for the vSphere Web Client.
B. One vSphere, one vRealize Orchestrator and one NSX endpoint.
C. One vSphere and one NSX endpoint, plus the ReST API plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator.
D. One vSphere and one vRealize Orchestrator endpoint, plus the NSX plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator.
Answer: D

A company is in the process of finalizing its cross-team requirements for its Cloud Management Platform design. The Cloud Infrastructure team has indicated that it would like a way to interact with the platform programmatically. After some research, the decision is made to use vRealize CloudClient. What are three use cases for using the selected command-line utility? (Choose three.)
A. Browse the catalog and submit a request.
B. Execute a workload reclamation request.
C. Import and export blueprints and other content to a human-readable format.
D. Update DNS on the vRealize Automation appliance.
E. Execute vRealize Orchestrator workflows.
Answer: ACE

An architect wants the ability to associate a blueprint with the default machine states for the use of extensibility tasks.Which four default machine states could be associated with a blueprint to call out extensibility tasks? (Choose four.)
A. Initialize
B. RegisterMachine
C. MachineProvisioned
D. Expired
E. UnprovisionMachine
F. Disposing
G. Deleting
Answer: BDEF

A company’s vRealize Automation infrastructure is using replicated storage as well as local storage. All production virtual machine deployments should be places into the “Production” folder so that it is on replicated storage. For the company’s development environment, all deployments should be placed in the “Development” VM folder so that it is on non-replicated storage. Which setting should be configured for the production blueprint?
A. VMware.VirtualCenter= Development
B. VMware.VirtualCenter= Production
C. VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder= Production
D. VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder= Development
Answer: D

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