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Vlocity Platform Developer Practice Exam Q&A: 60 Updated: April 15,2021
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Vlocity Platform Developer Exam Questions | Killtest 2021

March 30,2021

Vlocity Platform Developer exam questions are available, which will be the best material for you to prepare this Vlocity Platform Developer test. Vlocity certification is designed for all partners, customers, and employees who play a role in designing and deploying Vlocity Industry Cloud Solutions. To study this Vlocity Platform Developer exam well, killtest new cracked Vlocity Platform Developer exam questions are the best preparation material for you to practice. Once you earn Vlocity certification, you can get the true acknowledgment of your skills, expertise, and cloud acumen.


Vlocity Platform Developer Exam Questions


Vlocity Certification Tracks

Vlocity certification has two different tracks: a developer track and a consultant track.
Vlocity certification track 

Why Get Vlocity Certification?

Read the following information to see why get Vlocity certification. 
Why get Vlocity Certification?

Vlocity Platform Developer Exam Questions

List Killtest Vlocity Platform Developer exam demo questions below for you to study the test. 

What can be launched with an action button on a FlexCard?
A. A Vlocity Calculation Procedure
B. A Viocity omniscript
C. AViocity DataRaptor Load
D. A Viocity Calculation Matrix
Answer: B

You have so many fields on a FlexCard that it looks cluttered. Based on best practices, what is the most efficient way to declutter it?
A. Delete some of the actions
B. Use a datatable or chart element
C. Use a child FlexCard
D. Use a flyout action
Answer: D

You want to send all data from a FlexCard's data source to a Datatable in a child FlexCard. What is the variable you put in the Data Node field in the parent FlexCard that gets all the records?
A. {recordid}
B. {}
C. {records [0]}
D. {records}
Answer: D

How can a Card Layout be embedded within another Card?
A. Use the Add Layout button in zone layout
B. Use a card state with a Layout condition
C. Use a session variable on a Card
D. Use an angular filter in a specific field in a card state
Answer: A

What parent JSON node name must be sent to a Calculation Procedure?
A. input
B. inputs
C. Inputs
D. Input
Answer: B

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