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What do you need to know to take IBM C9020-668 exam?

June 13,2018
C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1 is so hot that too many candidates want to pass C9020-668 exam to enhance their career. However, many candidates also confused, what skills are need. That is our today's topic. Killtest not only released the latest IBM C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1 exam questions, but also share the key points,  what do you need to know to take IBM C9020-668 exam.

First of all, as a qualified IBM Storage Technical expert, you need to know the most basic knowledge as following: 

1) Collect and understand customers' requirements through negotiate with customers, and finally determine the correct solution;
2) You should know which resources you can use to develop solutions;
3) Have an in-depth understanding of the features, industry terms, functions and advantages of IBM storage solutions;
4) Understand the common competitive products in the enterprise field.

Second, what missions you need to complete independently?

1) start the TDA process;
2) determine product positioning;
3) collect customer requirements;
4) provide technical details of TCO analysis;
5) display IBM storage product line to customers;
6) define the features and advantages of IBM storage solutions;
7) develop basic technology topology and architectural design;
8) identify competitors and the right tools to determine the performance of the solution.

Third, what tasks should you be able to perform by assisting?

1) plan to implement the solution as part of the pre-installation TDA;
2) respond to RFP within the enterprise storage scope;
3) identify risks associated with the proposed solution;
4) demonstrate storage solutions;
5) detailed design of complete solutions;
6) submit RPQ/SCORE request;
7) alleviate competitors;
8) execute IBM TDA.

Killtest noticed that all above are the main details you need to know if want to be a IBM Storage Technical expert. Except all above, you also need to know how to use the following tools and resources, such as eConfig,  IBM PartnerWorld. Meanwhile, you should have minimum 12 months of direct technical storage experience, with six months experience with IBM designated storage products.

Next you need to complete IBM C9020-668 exam for your IBM Certified Specialist - Storage Technical V1 certification. IBM C9020-668 exam is a 90-min test, with 60 questions. It contains 4 sections:

Application of Resources and Tools
Customer Environment, Requirements, and Plans
Hybrid Cloud and Analytics Concepts
Product Information

This is no other cost, just choose Killtest IBM Storage Technical C9020-668 exam questions to prepare for IBM C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1 exam. With Killtest real C9020-668 exam questions and answers, you can pass your IBM C9020-668 exam smoothly. Pass the certificate of C9020-668 IBM Storage Technical V1 on the premise of mastering enough technologies, planned my future career, kept the habit of learning and deepened my technology. In the future, your value will be higher and higher. Go for Killtest IBM C9020-668 exam questions now.

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